Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Baby modelling

Not long after Joey was born, Chris and I discussed the possibility of signing Joey up to a modelling agency. I did get intouch with an agency ages ago but we just never bothered in persueing anything. Now that Joey is older though he does love the camera and always takes a good picture so we decided to research a few agencies.
After we saw the amazing results of his 1st birthday photoshoot we knew that Joey would be great and feel comfortable in a studio. It wasn't until I was watching This Morning a few weeks back when they had a baby face competition that I felt strongly about looking into signing him up with an agency. So I came across a local model and casting agency called Euro Kids Agency so I submitted an online application for Joey. I then got a phone call from one of their representatives a few days after confirming that they would love to represent Joey and invite him to have his portfolio sorted.

After receiving a few more details it seems that their is a charge to have his portfolio taken. It will be around £170, which is pretty expensive but we get to keep the images. People have said that if they wanted to represent Joey so much and thought he had potential then I shouldn't be expected to pay. But no matter what age you are you have to have a proper portfolio and that doesn't come free (or cheap). The agency that were in contact with have clients that are in some really great ads and TV programmes such as Coronation Street
Chris and I discussed it and we would love for Joey to just try it and see how much work he gets, it's an experience isn't it.  I'd never push this on him, if he decided in a few years time that he didn't like it then  we'd just leave it. So he has his portfolio shoot next month and once the images and his info are online clients will be able to invite him for castings. We're really excited for Joey, I know we're biased but he is a really good looking kid with those gorgeous blue eyes and blonde locks. You never know, he may be the next David Gandy.

If your child has done any modelling I'd love to know how your experience was.

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