Thursday, 11 June 2015

Due Date Anniversary

A year ago today Wednesday 11th June 2014 was Joey's due date. He wasn't ready to meet us and decided to stay snuggled in mummy's tum for an extra 8 days!
The day after my due date (40 +1) I had a routine midwife appointment and it was going to be my first sweep. When I had been to my previous midwife appointment they offered to give me a sweep at 39 weeks + 1 day to get things moving but I wasn't prepared downstairs so I politely declined. The sweep was pretty uncomfortable, it was just as painful to open my legs wide enough. Maybe if I had had that sweep at 39 weeks maybe he might have arrived early. 

The midwife then talked me through the plan if I didn't go into labour naturally within the next 2 weeks and about how the induction process works. The thing I was most afraid of was going into labour when I was on my own (obviously I needn't of worried). After my appointment I went to Argos and invested in a birthing ball, after bouncing on it for a few hours I had a bit of a show but nothing major.

I was so desperate for Joey to arrive, Ofcourse I couldn't wait to meet him but I was so uncomfortable. I could hardly sleep, up at all hours going to the loo. My bump was so big it was touching the steering wheel which made it difficult to drive. I did everything over the 8 days bring on labour (apart from sex) but nothing worked.

 But our little man did eventually arrive safely 8 days later on 19th June. Read Joey's birth story here.

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