Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Fisher Price Newborn to toddler chair VS Fisher Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer

As you may have seen from my instagram, Joey has recently got a new rocker chair. It was meant to be a birthday present but his old bouncer was way too small for him and we rely on having a chair for him so much. 

So I came across the Fisher Price Newborn to toddler chair on a bloggers instagram who's little boy is only a couple of weeks younger than Joey, I checked it out and any other toddler chairs I could find and the Fisher Price Rainforest Friends Baby to Toddler Chair seemed to be the best option: 
- Use from infant to toddler: up to 40 lbs (18 kg)
- Fold-out kickstand & reclining seat for feeding or napping
- Two removable, linkable monkey toys with rollerball & clacker beads
- Deep cradle seat with calming vibrations soothes younger babies
- Toy bar easily removes for older babies to sit & play
- Easy conversion to toddler rocker

I did some price research and RRP for the Fisher Price Newborn to toddler chair is approximately £70 but I managed to get it from Amazon for £42 (bargain!). But after Joey had used it for a day I could see a few problems:
- I certainly wouldn't have paid £70 for the chair, Joey actually has more chance of falling out of this chair than the other one (even strapped in).
- in the rocking position with Joey in, it gets very slippery. If he rocks, the chair moves so it's mostly kept in the reclined position.
- the back of the chair has 2 recline levels but they feel to be the same angle
- doesnt feel comfy at all, not much padding in the seat cover compared to old bouncer.
- the seat cover slips off of the bottom corners

Maybe I'm just being a bit too picky but for the price of £70 you'd expect it to be a lot better than it is. Joey is in between stages I suppose, he's still a baby and can't walk or stand up yet so maybe when he does start doing those things the chair will suit him better. I wouldn't be too put off with buying this chair though, if I had known about this chair before Joey was born I would have got it instead of his original bouncer.

Joey's previous Fisher Price bouncer was used all the time from when he was a few weeks old, he'd take his naps in it and play with his toys. It seemed really comfy for him aswell, the seat cover was padded and had a thin head cushion. So I hope that Joey will love his new one just as much as the old one.

If you're looking for a baby rocker chair that can be used from baby to toddler, then this is what you should be looking at. Like I've said, it is expensive but if you're using it from birth it saves you from buying 2 rockers like I did. Hopefully as Joey learns to crawl and walk maybe my concerns for him trying fall out will dissapear. My tip is to shop around online and find the best price for you.

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