Monday, 22 June 2015

Joey's 12 months old!

On 19th June Joey turned 1! My baby doesn't feel like a baby anymore.

Over the past month Joey has changed so much...he's started crawling! Well, it's not a proper crawl more like an army crawl but he's so fast. I'm so glad he's started crawling, it felt like he never would be he just needed the confidence to do it. The day before his birthday I took him to the health visitor to get weighed, if you read his 11 month update you would have read that he had lost weight again so they wanted to see him in 6 weeks time. He now weighs 23lb 12oz, which I'm so happy with, we've been stuffing him with food.

Joey now has 6 teeth! He's coped with the pain so well and we've only had 1 or 2 nights when he's been really unsettled. He also really loves brushing his teeth, it makes him giggle.

His sleep routine hasn't been too bad recently but there have been a few nights when he has only gone to sleep at 8.30pm instead of 7pm. I don't whether it's to do with how warm the weather has been but he just won't go to sleep without being in his sleeping bag. In a morning because it's so bright outside he wakes up around 6.30/7am.

Joey has got a great appetite and eats everything we give him. I've been making a lot more homemade meals that he can have aswell, he loves spaghetti Bolognese, Sausage, Mash & Gravy, Pasta and Stir fry. As a snack during the day I sometimes give him some banana which he loves.

His skin has been really good recently, he only has the odd breakout in the creases behind his knees.

- crawling
- sitting up 
- pulling himself up
- saying Dadda
- weaning onto cows milk

So that's Joey's 12 month update done and dusted. I can't belive how much he's changed.

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