Saturday, 13 June 2015

Netflix Stream Team: Dexter verdict

If you've read any of my recent Netflix posts you would have read that I'd become slightly addicted to watching Dexter. If you don't know what Dexter is about he's basically a forensic technician who is also a serial killer. He finds that all different aspects of his life are crashing together which causes some major consequences. From the moment I started watching I was hooked, racing to get to the next episode. The storylines that the writers have come up with are so exciting, stuff that you'd never expect to happen once you get to know Dexter.

What I've enjoyed most about Dexter
- The way that Dexters serial killer life sometimes merges into his personal and professional life.
- The amount of times Dexter has nearly been caught out
- Dexters inability to love or feel emotion
- Dexters sister comes out with some great lines and has a filthy mouth

I can't really go into detail about the show because it would spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it. The main theme that revolves around the show is the lack of empathy Dexter has, towards the end of season 8 you can see he feels something but it's a shame he couldn't tell Rita that he loved her. It's also a big disappointment with what happens to Deb, it seems like such a cop out.

I'd heard a few rumours that the final episode was disappointing and I have to agree. Without spoiling it for anyone who is yet to watch, it's not exactly how I pictured Dexter surrendering. What he does with Deb, he leaves Harrison with Hannah. The only word I can describe it as is cruel, maybe that's what the writers want the audience to feel and then in a few years time they'll do a season 9 (highly unlikely). I'd imagined that Dexter would finally settle down with a woman he loves and just be a normal I was wrong. I highly doubt that there will ever be another season of Dexter, it's been over a year since the last season ended.

I feel really sad that there's no more Dexter, I completely became addicted to it but I can now start watching other things on Netflix now. If I'm into a TV show I can't watch something else at the same time, sends my head in a spin.

What did you think of Dexter?

Find all 8 seasons of Dexter over on Netflix.

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