Monday, 15 June 2015

Our Favourite Baby brands

Not long after I first started blogging, I'd written a post about the baby brands that I loved at the time. Joey's about a week from being one and we've  discovered some great brands over the last 12 months.

Fred & Noah
If you read our #weekendbabystyle posts then you probably would have noticed the amount of love we have for this brand. Fred & Noah are a great British brand that hand make children's leggings (Newborn to 4 years). Joey has 4 pairs of leggings (soon to be 6) and he always wears them because they go with anything. Because they're handmade, if your child has slightly chunky thighs like our Joey has then you can request for Natalie to make the material more generous in that area! F&N have some great designs and have some new products on the way apparently.

I've never been a fan of H&M for myself but they do some great kids clothes. We don't have a store close to us so I always order online but everything is so great and great prices. If you want a plain basic top, pants, shorts etc this is the best place.

Posh Kiddos
I haven't actually bought anything from Posh Kiddos yet but I've seen loads of bits I'd love to get for Joey. They do some really cool leggings and beanie hats which would look great on Joey.

I've only very recently started buying stuff for Joey here. Their online store isn't the best and our local store doesn't seem to have a lot for under 2. But I picked up a few tshirts and a pair of pants for him a few weeks ago that look great.

I don't shop here a lot but I have picked up some nice things for Joey recently and when Joey was teeny tiny. Price wise they are the same as Matalan but unfortunately my local store has a rather small baby boy section.

George at Asda
The majority of Joey's wardrobe is from Asda because it is the most accessible baby clothes store to us. Asda do have a good collection of outfits, tops, trousers and accessories. Compared to the likes of F&F Tesco The prices are a lot cheaper.

The nearest Primark to us is about 40 mins away so I don't shop at Primark a lot. But the kids section is fantastic, I picked up a couple of summer tshirts for Joey at £1.30each!

What are your favourite baby brands?

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