Monday, 29 June 2015

What's in Joey's changing bag #itsinthebagbaby

Being a mum to a baby, I can't leave home without a well stocked changing bag. If we go out and I've accidently forgotten something It always annoys me. I thought it might be useful to show you our changing bag essentials.
Joey's changing bag is from Pink Lining and is the Yummy Mummy blue bows bag (RRP £79). I wanted a Pink Lining bag because they have some really good designs and I didn't want anything plain. They are really handy aswell and you can fit everything you need into them with help from the handy hidden pockets. All Pink lining changing bags come with a changing matt and wet zip bag which is brilliant.

Depending on what the plan is for the day then sometimes I don't need some items but these are the essentials we rely on the most. 
- Nappies: Obvs nappies are always in the bag, 4 nappies seems to be the most you can fit in the nappy sections. We never seem to need anymore than 4.
- Baby Wipes:  I always buy Sensitive baby wipes that come with the plastic lid so they stay fresher.  Wipes that just have the sticky strip always seem to go dry quicker. I always buy mine from Asda or Aldi.
- Nappy Bags: a must if your out and about and not near a baby change are scented nappy bags. Handy also for putting any dirty bowls or cutlery after lunchtime.
- Nappy Cream: always have 2 tubes of nappy cream, 1 for his changing bag and 1 for at home
- Suncream: If its a sunny day then sun cream is a must.
- Teething Gel: Joey has 6 teeth (nearly 7) so we never go anywhere without it. We tend to always go for baby bonjela.
-  Calpol: I tend not to need to give him any during the day but it's always in the bag just incase.
- Anti-bacterial hand gel: even before I had Joey this has always been in my bag
- Bib: Joey is a messy eater AND milk drinker so having a bib is always necessary
- Spare clothes: I've sometimes made the mistake of not having a spare change of clothes for Joey and then he has an accident.
- Tommee Tippee Bottle and Cow & Gate milk: Always have a bottle and milk in his changing bag that we never really take out.
- Food: If i know we're going to be out for lunch I always put a jar of food or Ella's Kitchen pouch in.
- Yoghurt and spoon: Joey loves his yoghurt as a snack.
-  Joeys changing bag doubles as mummy's handbag so it always has my purse, phone, deodorant, Lip balm & sunglasses.

This post is my entry to the Pink Lining Brand Ambassador search, you can read more about it here. It would be amazing if we were chosen as I absolutely love my Pink Lining changing bag. We've used it every day for a year so it's looking a little tired now and I'd love to get something a little smaller.
What could you not live without in your changing bag?
Wish me luck