Monday, 27 July 2015

Car seat shopping at Mothercare

You may have seen recently on my instagram that we have been looking for Joey's new car seat. The car seat he has used from birth was part of the Mothercare Xpedior travelsystem which he has been in pretty much everyday but he's now grown out of it. So it was time to start looking for the next stage car seat.

So 2 weeks ago I went into a new Mothercare store (which has opened inside of a Tesco) just to get some advice and suggestions on what I should be looking for. The senior sales advisor that I spoke to was very helpful and recommended for my price range the Britax Prince or Britax Eclipse. I wasn't going to buy there and then as I wanted to do some research on those 2 seats. The Prince had quite a few negative reviews so I discounted that straightaway, the Eclipse seemed to be a better option. While I've been researching car seats a day asking advice on parenting forums I've come across a bit of negativity over cheaper car seats or about rear/forward facing. Obviously having a secure and safe car seat is the most important thing but I can't quite understand the negativity I experienced when I said my budget was £70 and I wanted a forward facing seat. Surely if you're buying a car seat from a reputable retailer like Mothercare surely their products are safe no matter whether you spend £50 or £300. Yes I do understand that rear facing for as long as the child can is the best but kids have to face forward at somepoint.

I then finally decided to get the Britax Eclipse so I went back to Mothercare with the idea of walking out with his new car seat. When I went into the store I was expecting to be advised by a qualified seat fitter but the experience I got was not what I was hoping for. The first assistant that I encountered didn't seem like she knew anything about car seats, and she didn't even ask what car the seat was going to be used in. I asked for a demonstration of the seat on the instore bench, she had no problems fitting the seat but when I asked about how to losen the harness she had no idea. She then called over a colleague and she didn't know either despite going on car seat  training recently. In the end it took 4 members of staff to answer my question. By the time they'd all faffed around to help me Joey started being grissly because of his teeth and taking the seat outside to fit was not going to happen.

To make things even more frustrating they didn't have the car seat in stock so I had to order it online in store. While leaving the shop I was very unsure as to whether I had made the right decision 1) buying from Mothercare and 2) ordering that particular seat. When your making a purchase like a car seat for your child you want to be satisfied that you've been advised on a safe product. The car seat knowledge of the sales assistants was terrible and I probably won't be returning to that store.

We've been using the Britax Eclipse for about 4 days now and Joey is so much more comfy and loves facing forward and watching me drive. Because I have a 3 door car it does get rather difficult trying to strap it in. Once we've used it a bit more I'll do a full revoew. Mainly what I wanted this post to do is make people aware of the dissapointing experience I had.

My advice for anybody going car seat shopping...
- make sure you get the service and advice that you deserve.
- Don't walk out of the shop confused, address any issues or concerns before you leave the store
- make sure you feel confident about fitting the seat yourself
- is the seat suitable for your make/model of car?

This issue has been reported to Mothercare and the store involved have also been notified. Hopefully we won't have any problems to report in the review of the seat.

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