Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Joey's Bathtime

From when Joey was a newborn he has always loved his bathtime. It's the most important part of his day and now that he's 1 it's getting difficult to lure him out of the bath before he shrivels up like a prune.

Before Joey gets in the bath I always get his towel, Pj's, vest, nappy, nappy cream, moisturiser, toothbrush/paste. Making sure I have everything to hand makes everything easier and I don't have to leave Joey unattended to nip downstairs to get something.
Bathing a newborn can be quite daunting but if you find that they love the bath it makes everything so much easier. Joey's bathtime has always been at night before he goes to bed,  usually he splashes about so much it tires him out. We try and limit his bath to 10mins or less because of his eczema, longer than that can cause the skin to become more dry. We've only very recently started to give him his bath in the big bath, up until he was 10months he was still using his baby bath. I'd been looking for ages for bath seats and I'd never seen one that looked good or safe, but then I came across the Safety First swivel Bath seat on the Kiddicare website and it seemed a good choice. Having to carry his baby bath from the kitchen to front room full of water was a nightmare and also killed my back so something had to give.

I ordered the swivel seat from Kiddicare, they have a choice of 2 colours and tbh I prefered the pink option. I couldn't wait for it to be delivered so that Joey could enjoy his bathtime more. In the bath we have a Munchkin Toy basket which holds most his small toys. He has these little cups with holes in the bottom which he loves to play with. He recently got some bath drums which he likes to play with aswell.  Most of the time though he does enough splashing to keep himself occupied.
Bath Products
Since Joey got diagnosed with eczema we hadn't been using any body wash, shampoo or bubble bath. About a month ago though I bought Childs Farm hair & body wash from Boots. Childs Farm products are made for children with eczema prone skin and can be used from birth. We also use a bath emollient in the bath that he was prescribed from the doctor. Along with all the other lotions and potions he's been prescribed, his skin looks amazing.

Do your little ones love their bathtime?

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