Saturday, 4 July 2015

Joey's Birthday Prezzies

Joey's birthday seems ages ago now but I thought I would share with you a few prezzies that Joey got for his birthday. This is in know way a bragging post, Joey got some great stuff that are great gift ideas.

Keepsake Horse by Special Stitches
Special Stitches is run by a local woman in my town and she specialises in making keepsake items out of clothing. I chose to go for a horse and selected 5 outgrown sleepsuits of Joey's. These sleepsuits were some of his favourite/most worn and i couldn't bare to give them away. I don't know why I chose a horse, it just seemed the best option to get the most out of the material/sleepsuits. Joey's name and date of birth are also stitched in. It took about a month to make and I am so happy with it.

Personalised Toy Basket by My 1st Years
So happy that we got this for Joey's toys. Really handy to carry round to pick up the trail of destruction Joey leaves.

Little Tikes Block-a-Train
Joey was given this by Chris's boss at work and Joey absolutely loves it. He loves dragging it across the floor and taking apart all the pieces. 

Nike Air Force 1 Crib Shoes
Joey has only started wearing shoes fairly recently...and he hates them. He tries to pull them off and sometimes he cries when I try and put them on him. But when I saw these little Nike crib shoes I knew they would look great on him. We went for the 3.5 and he has loads of room in them but I've now realised that because they are high tops his chunky ankles get in the way a bit.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt book
My godmother bought this for him and I remember this being a fave of mine when I was younger. Joey's already got quite a lot of books but I'm so exited that he's got this. 

Baby Paddling pool
My best friend/ Joey's godmother got him a baby paddling pool which is in the shape of a mushroom. It's so cute! And it's come in very handy during this heatwave we've had recently. The great thing about this paddling pool is that it has a cover over it so it shades Joey from the sun while he's in it. So thanks Aunt Caz for keeping Joey and me nice and cool!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse foam tiles
I've been meaning to get him some foam flooring for ages because the front room and his bedroom both have wooden flooring. I went into Smyths and they had quite a few foam options but I picked these because they were Mickey Mouse and Joey loves a bit of Disney.

These are only a selection of stuff Joey got him for his birthday, he got way too much to put in a blog post. Everything he has been given he has loved and more or less everything has been used or played with already. When we started buying stuff for Joey's birthday I made sure that we got him more toys than anything else. Now that he's 1 we know more of what he likes so it made buying for him fairly easy. 

I hope this post gives people some good ideas of what to buy a one year old. We are so grateful to everyone who gave Joey something (I will be sending Thank You cards out soon).

Thanks for reading

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