Monday, 13 July 2015

Our 1st family holiday

It's been 2 years since Chris and I have been on holiday, for the past 4 years we've gone to Marmaris, Turkey every summer. We're now planning our first family holiday for next year!
In an ideal world we would have loved to have gone away this year with Joey but me not having a job means we can't afford it at the moment. But now that Joey is 1 and he can move around, I think it's now time to put him in nursery and me get a job so that we can afford a holiday. When we go away next September Joey will be 2 years old, so i'm hoping he'll be walking by then. We've chose to stick with Marmaris because we know the area well, we know where are the best places to eat and trips to go on. Also, Chris and I have had some great times in Marmaris that we'd love to continue now with Joey. The restaurants in Marmaris do some great food and we always love doing a bit of shopping while we're their too. Their is a great waterpark in Marmaris that we've always wanted to go to, so now we have an excuse. 

Even though we haven't booked anything yet, I've been thinking about the logistics of going away with a toddler.
- Do we book him his own seat?
- Getting his passport
- buying a stroller
- Private or package transfer
- Getting to and from Manchester airport
- flight times
I'm a control freak when it comes to going away, I need to get everything organised and known how everything is going to work. Because we've been to Marmaris every year, we know the resort pretty well so i'm not stressing about things when we get their. I'm just worrying more about the actual flight and then the 2 hour coach transfer to Marmaris. I don't even know why I'm worrying, Joey will be 2 so he could be a completely different kid to what he is now. I think he should be ok though, he's so laid back it's unreal and hopefully he'll enjoy flying.

My parents started taking me abroad when I was only a few months old, even though I didn't have the most normal of childhood holidays after my mum died, I'm determined to make Joey's holidays as good as possible. We're looking at staying at a family friendly hotel/apartments where we'll no doubt be self catering which is fine. I can't wait to get Joey involved in the kids clubs and making friends on holiday. I also can't wait to get him into a pool or sea, he loves the bath and splashing around so I'm sure he'd love it.
So hopefully over the next 12 months we'll be organising our first family holiday. If anybody has any tips or advice for travelling with a 2 year old please let me know.

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