Monday, 10 August 2015

Britax Eclipse car seat

As you may have read in a recent post, we've bought Joey a new car seat. You can read about the service we received here.

We decided to go for the Britax Eclipse from Mothercare at £64.99 in the sale. The Eclipse is a Group 1 car seat and has the following features:
- Suitable for children from 9kg/20lbs to a maximum weight of 18kg/40lbs (approximately 9 months to 4 years old)
- Side impact protection
- Multiple recline positions
- Slim base to fit smaller vehicles
- Can be installed using either the 3 point seat belt or a 2 point lap belt
- Washable covers
- Car seat dimensions:D58xW43xH66cm
- Car weight: 7.3kg
The Eclipse comes in a variety of different colours but at different prices. We went for Black Thunder which was the most basic colour. As we didn't get to test the car seat in my car while at the store, I fitted it inside my car as soon as it turned up. I have a Ford Fiesta 2005 model which is a 3 door so I was expecting it to be difficult trying to get it inside but I was pleasantly surprised.

Securing seat
The seat slid into the back seat no problem, no jiggling it around and securing the seat with the seat belt was fairly easy. The only thing I seem to be struggling with is the red seat belt clamp, you have to press a button to open the clamp and put the seat belt into it. Because I have a 3 door and you have to thread the seat through the holder furthest away from the seat belt fastener it is really difficult to see what you're doing.

Transferring to different car
After using it for over a week, we have also transferred the car seat very easily into my husbands Ford Focus (5 door). It's slightly easier to secure the fiddlier bits when you can open the side door. So thumbs up for being easy to transfer to other cars.

Adjusting harness
The harness is really good and the straps don't get twisted like they did in his old car seat. The straps can easily be adjusted by pressing a button underneath the seat fabric and then to tighten the straps you simply pull the silver strap. The only thing that is going to be difficult is highering the straps as Joey grows taller and trying to adjust the height of the straps. To keep the straps in place at the back of the seat a metal plate stops the straps from coming through. I tried to pull this metal plate through but it is really tricky.

The seat has about 3 recline positions and when it's at it's most reclined I was initially worried that the position would be uncomfortable for Joey to sleep in. But he fell asleep in it for the first time the other day and he fell asleep no problem and his head didn't lull forward. 

After the service we received in store I was half expecting to absolutely hate it once it arrived but we are happy with it. Joey seems a lot more secure in it than his previous seat and he loves being able to see me. We got it at a great price and as long as Joey is safe that's all that matters.

Have you got a Britax Eclipse? What do you think?

Thanks for reading


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