Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Car safety as a new driver*

For many people buying their first car is a big deal, it's the second biggest purchase we ever make in our lives so making sure you get the most ideal car for your budget and needs is really important. A car gets us from A to B but sometimes a car is the key to getting a job or just becoming more independent.

In July 2011 I finally passed my driving test, it took me 3 attempts to do the theory and just 1 attempt for the practical. I'd wanted to drive for as long as I could remember and I couldn't wait to get my own car. So 2 months after I passed my test I bought my first car, a 2003 1 litre Vauxhall Corsa. A Corsa seemed like an ideal car for me as a new driver, it was small and pretty cheap to run even though a years insurance cost more than the car. Driving it from the dealership to my house was a pretty surreal experience with the window down and some quality music playing.

As exciting as becoming a new driver and getting a car is, making sure that your car is safe to drive is extremely important. Now that I'm a mum I am always extra cautious when I'm driving, especially with Joey in the car. In my opinion, if you own a car then you should know some basic car knowledge like how to pump your tyres up, knowing if your tyre tread is low etc. Over the past 4 years I haven't had much luck with tyres, I always went for the cheapest option of having part worn tyres instead of brand new. A few years ago when I was driving on the M6 to university I had a blow out to the rear drivers side tyre. Thank god there wasn't much traffic and I didn't lose control of the car or I may not be here now. I'm now on my second car and have Joey in the car all the time so now I have his safety to think about.

Tyre blow out
Tyres are the only part of a car that have contact with the road; our steering,accelerating and breaking rely on the contact between the tyres and the road so it is extremely important to maaintain them. Point S are tyre dealers in the UK, they have a wide range of car tyres to accomodate different budgets. If you suspect that your tyre tread is low then a new tyre is the best option to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

My current wheels
The next time you're about to go out in the car, double check your tyres. If you don't know what to look for then take the car to a garage and ask for them to be checked over.

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* This post is in collaboration with Point S.

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