Saturday, 22 August 2015

Joey's 14 month update

This month has seen a lot of developments for Joey. He's 14 months old and he doesn't look or feel like a baby anymore.
Over the last month Joey has had bouts of teething. I'm not exactly sure how many teeth he has because he won't let me anywhere near but I'm guessing about 9 or 10. The teething comes and goes and  so does his waking up during the night because of the pain. We've gone over a week without the use of any calpol which is good.

When he isn't teething, he's amazing at sleeping through the night. He's usually asleep for 8pm and then recently wakes up around 7am. During the day he usually has 2 naps, in the morning and then the afternoon. Over the last 2 weeks Joey has been rather against having 2 naps and mainly just had one.

Joey is doing well with his cows milk, at the moment he has 3x4oz and a 3oz bottle at bedtime. Trying to reduce the amount of milk he has is really difficult, he loves his milk. In terms of food Joey has made a major leap, he is eating a lot more fruit and veg, most of the time feeding himself.
Spanish Omelette, ham and strawberries 

A major milestone has been reached this month, he is now walking with the help of his Vtech First Steps walker. He only got it last Sunday but he's already whizzing around the house with it. I don't think it will be long until he's walking. Even though he babbles a lot the only proper word he says is 'Dadda', he says it constantly! I read to him and always try and teach him different words.

I'm so proud of Joey's development so far, I know he'll be learning new things all the time. So excited to see what awaits for next months update.

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