Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Joey's Pixifoto experience

Last Friday I took Joey to Mothercare Warrington for a Pixifoto sitting. The shoot was for their annual competition to find the 'Face of Pixifoto', we paid £4.99 for a half price photography sitting and for that you get a photography shoot and a complimentary 12x10 print and then the option of buying additional photos or packages.

Pixifoto was established in 1971 and are a professional photography company who specialise in baby, child and family portraits. They operate from a number of stores such as Boots, Mothercare, M&Co, Matalan, Superdrug, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Debenhams, Toys R Us and the Co-op as well as other independent stores. Pixifoto have pop-up studios, along with their permanent locations nationwide.

Our sitting was for 2.30pm inside Mothercare Warrington, when we booked the shoot the Pixifoto colleague that we spoke to told us to bring 2 or 3 different outfits and anything that is special to Joey e.g. teddy or blanket. So we made our way up to the ELC section where the Pixifoto studio is in the corner. We were greeted by kayleigh who was doing our shoot, she was lovely and told us what would happen during the session. The studio was lovely and clean, their were lots of props and backgrounds to use aswell.

The first outfit I put Joey in was his Fred & Noah blue clouds set, the first background that was used was blue aswell. The first couple of shots that are taken you get to pick your complimentary print out of, so make sure you are happy with those first couple of shots before moving on. As Joey's already been photographed in a studio he was really relaxed and not too phased by the lights or flashing. Kayleigh was great at giving us direction for different poses or positions to put him in and she was so good interacting with Joey. After a few shots on different backgrounds it was time to put him in his second outfit. At the end of each sitting Kayleigh would show me the shots and made sure I was happy and gave me the opportunity to add or change backgrounds or props.

The second outfit was a H&M top with his jeggings. The shots from the second part of the shoot were great, lots of props were used along with Joey's special blanket and keepsake toy. Kayleigh was great and encouraged Joey to just move around and be himself. We thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, once we picked our complementary photo we left Kayleigh to edit the others while we had a look round.

We went back after 20 mins and were showed into a different room to see the final images and edits. They were all amazing and I wanted to buy every single one. The Pixifoto price list is, for me, quite expensive. However, I have been informed that the prices are changing. The new PixiFoto prices are going to be competitive and good value for money with packages starting from just £105 with the option to set up a payment plan in permanent locations to spread the cost. 

I would highly recommend Pixifoto for a baby shoot, I really wish Joey had had a newborn shoot now. Even if you dont want to buy any additional prints, its a fun experience. We were really impressed with the service and the quality of the images. The 'Face of Pixifoto' competition ends on 30th August so enter your little ones while you still can. Also, check with your local Pixifoto studio for any promotions, you can find them online here at:

What did you enjoy about your PixiFoto experience?

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