Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pampers Baby Dry*

Pampers are one of the most popular nappy brands in the UK but until recently we'd never used Pampers on Joey. We were chosen to trial some on behalf of Savvy Circle and we were so excited.
In the pack that we received we were given:
- 1x pack of Pampers Baby Dry (Size 4+)
- 1x pack of Pampers sensitive wipes
- 5x packs of 12 sensitive wipes

Nappies are THE most important baby product and as a first time mum it's important that I buy nappies that keep Joey clean and happy especially during the night. Pampers baby dry have been designed for baby to get upto 12 hours of dryness:

  • they contain unique Micro PearlsTm that absorb up to 30 times their weight and lock in wetness.
  • Extra sleep layer keeps wetness away from baby's skin
  • Flexible sides expand and contract with your baby
  • Breathability
Over the past 13 months we've mainly used ASDA Little Angels nappies,  when he was a few months old we then swapped to Aldis mamia nappies which were great. Only on a few occasions have we encountered any leaks. To me, Pampers are the most popular nappy brand in the UK but when ever I've looked at Pampers in the supermarket I've always become confused in all the different ranges they have. Having used own brand nappies religiously I was curious to see how Pampers compared.

Most nappies these days have some sort of Unisex picture/pattern on them. Pamper baby dry have an image of a monkey and then the rest of the nappy has faint little polka dots. The nappies also feature a tightness Indicator so it's easy to know when it's thime to get the next size up. One thing I noticed about Pampers compared to Joey's usual  apply brand is that they are really quite light and thin. 

We were really impressed and Joey had no leakages at all. Pampers seem to keep the absorbtion more compact and doesn't expand as much as our usual brand which I think is quite good. Joey would go 12 hours at bedtime and still no leaks but the nappy was obviously very heavy for his first nappy change when he woke up. Joey's number 2's were held just as securely as normally. Joey has never had any nappy rash so I was happy that he didn't get any with these. 

I chose the 4+ size and at first I was slightly worried that they would be too small as Joey is very nearly in Size 5 nappies but they fitted perfectly. They didn't seem to dig into his chunky thighs which is a major thumbs up. The sticky tabs were always sticky and held the nappy in place, now and again we've bought nappies and a few have had no sticky tabs.

One of the main reasons I'd never bought Pampers before was because of the price, they are more expensive than the ASDA Little Angels nappies that we usually buy.
- Pampers Baby Dry Size 4+ (24 pack) = £5 at ASDA.
- ASDA Little Angels Size 4+ (44 pack) = £4.50 or 3 packs for £12.
In ASDA which is where we buy the majority of baby products they offer two pack sizes for Pampers
1) Carry pack - includes 19-30 nappies for £5.
2) Giga pack - between 90-100 nappies for £14.
So price wise as you can see Pampers are the more expensive brand. You get less for your money than the other brands.

We really enjoyed using Pampers Baby Dry nappies and the Sensative wipes. I've learned about the science that actually goes into making nappies that I didn't before. Has it made me want to change brand? I don't think so, if Pampers are ever on offer then yes I would buy them but for the simple fact you get a lot less I wouldn't be tempted to change. They have been a great product and like I mentioned the only issue I have is the price.

What nappies does your little one use at the moment?

Thanks for reading

*Disclaimer: We were sent the above products to review for free. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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