Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Toddler meal ideas

Joey is 14 months old now and he's basically fully weaned, he loves his food which I'm so pleased with. 5 years ago I could even cook pasta and now I'm able to make stuff that a child can eat.

I've been making meals for Joey for a while now but sometimes I've relied on the jars of baby food aswell but we haven't bought any jars for ages and I don't think we'll be buying them again. I know I'm not the best cook in the world, I can knock together a good meal but I still lack confidence when it comes to making meals for Joey. He pretty much eats anything I give him but foods like bread are a bit hit and miss as he sticks so much in his mouth that he can't swallow and then I have to fish it out. During lunch and dinner time he mainly feeds himself apart from his tea time meal, I'll spoon feed him and then he feeds himself the fruit and veg. Here's an idea of what Joey likes to eat...


Porridge and fruit - the mornings are super busy so the Porridge is just a quick option really.


Joey's lunchtime meals usually consist of toast or sandwiches, Fruit, vegetables, ham, cheese and a yogurt. Things can change depending what we have in but i like to try and get atleast 2 of his 5 a day in this meal.


Spag Bol 
Spaghetti Bolognese is a popular dish in our household. Chris hates mushrooms so I always try and add some form of vegetable into the dish usually carrots or peas.

Fish pie
Very early on in Joey's weaning journey I gave him an Ella's Kitchen fish pie pouch and he hated it. I absolutely love fish, my favourite is salmon so I've been really keen to get Joey to like fish.

Salmon & Broccoli Pasta
This was a recepie from Annabel Karmel's Baby and Toddler Meal Planner. I absolutely love salmon and a big fan of creamy pasta dishes. Joey absolutely loves this!

Spanish Omelette 
Another recepie from the Annabel Karmel meal planner. It was the first time I'd made it and the first time Joey had had egg and he loved it. Their are lots of different Ingredients you can swap and change so it's different every time.

Roast chicken
No Sunday can be without a traditional roast dinner. We love roast chicken and recently we have been getting a whole roast in the bag chicken from Aldi for £3.89 and there's loads of meat on it. Joey loves his veg so happily tucks into broccoli and carrots we usually have with it.

Usually Joey will have whatever we're having for dinner unless we're having something that isn't particularly healthy. I've found Annabell Karmel's Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner book really helpful for this stage of weaning, the recepies are ideal for the whole family aswell.

What do your toddlers enjoy eating? Feel free to share any meal ideas or recepies.

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