Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Joey's 15 month update

Joey is now 15 months old and boy so much has happened over the past month.
After I'd posted last months update I took Joey to get weighed at our local Sure Start centre. The last time Joey was weighed was in June, so it had been over 2 months since he'd last been weighed. As of the 27th August he weighed 24lb 74oz, I thought he would atleast be 25lb but because he's been so active he's burning a lot of energy. While talking to the health visitor I mentioned that Joey's feet are always pointing in a weird angle when he's walking with his walker and she said to go back in 8 weeks time if it's no different and they'll refer him.

Since last months update Joey hasn't had any problems with teething but I can see that he has rosy red cheeks while I write this. So I'm guessing he'll start teething again soon. 

Over the past 2 weeks Joey has been a proper lazy bones and only waking up at 8am or sometimes 9am. I don't know why his sleep pattern has suddenly changed but I'm not complaining. Over the weekend however, Joey has caught a cold from nursery and for the past 3 nights he hasn't slept well at all during the night. I bought him a Calpol Vapour plug in but it certainly didn't help his congestion. So because of his cold he's been waking up at 6.30am and the days just seem even longer now.

Joey is eating like a champ. He loves his food but I need to introduce more fruit into his meals that he can chew easily.
He has 3 meals a day and snacks in between. In terms of his milk he is still on 3x4oz bottles and then 3oz at bedtime. Sometimes he can give or take a bottle during the day.
No new milestones have been reached but he has started walking with the help of his Vtech First Steps walker, he is so fast I'm sure he'll be running in no time. I've desperately been trying to teach Joey some words, he can say Dadda and mamma but not all the time. I read to him and always point out the names of things but still nothing. Hopefully with him starting nursery he'll start learning a lot more.
That's all for this month's update, I get so excited about each month and seeing how much Joey has changed.

Until next time

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