Thursday, 24 September 2015

My Home improvement wish list*

A day doesn't go by when I don't daydream about things I'd like to improve or change about our house...doesn't everyone. Especially since Joey came into our life I've started a list of things I want to do in the house. The house isn't perfectly furnished, I'm completely useless at being creative and this is our first ever home so it will take us a while to know how we want things.
When we bought the house 4 years ago it was all freshly decorated with a new bathroom, kitchen and flooring. Instead of taking the time to decorate as we wanted,  we moved in straightaway and only got round to doing any decorating after 2 years. We live in a 3 bedroom semi detached house which is a good size but the downstairs is rather small. We have a front garden with driveway and a good size back garden with a decked seating area. So here are a few things that we'd like to improve...

Joey's bedroom - even though Joey has been in his room for ages now there are still things I  need to add. I really want to put some shelving up, some more pictures and some carpet or a lovely fluffy rug. 
Flooring - the flooring in our front room, hallway and dining room is all hardwood flooring and then in the kitchen is slate tile. Before we had Joey we liked having hardwood floors throughout but since having Joey I've been wanting to get carpet in the front room. He's not had many accidents but I suppose having wood flooring is easier to clean food off of. Joey's bedroom also has wood flooring and it was so cold last winter so I'm hoping to get that carpeted soon.

Driveway/front garden - A couple of years ago we were so close to doing up the front but it was so expensive to do. At the moment we have a driveway long enough to fit both of our cars, a bit of grass and hedges around the front and side. The driveway looks so miserable, the flags are cracked and ideally we would love to get it block paved. We have had an ongoing issue with our neighbour over the road who constantly blocks our driveway. So we'd also get rid of the grass and block pave that so it's easier to get both cars in and out. We'd love to get rid of the hedges and have a small fence instead.

Loft conversion - a loft conversion is a great way of utilising space in the loft and guaranteed to add value onto your house. Before my dad died we lived in a bungalow and he started doing a loft conversion which would have been my bedroom and ensuite bathroom. With our house we're not pushed for space at the moment but I'm sure when Joey is older he'd love to have a whole floor to himself. With the addition of specially made roof windows from a company called VELUX, it would give the loft a flood of natural light. The great thing about VELUX produts is the great variety of blackout blinds you can purchase to make the room completely personal. We could definitely do with some blackout blinds in Joey's room at the moment to stop him from waking up so early when it's light. A loft conversion could set us back atleast £30,000 so unless we win the lottery or sell the other house it's just a dream at the moment.
Our kitchen
A lot of the things we want to change with the house are expensive but they are things that we can do gradually. Are their any home improvements you want to have done?


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