Friday, 30 October 2015

What Joey wore #27

We're back again with another #weekendministyle post. It's been 2 weeks since we did our last WMS post so we've got lots of new clothes to show off.

Outfit 1
A nursery outfit, this featuring a new purchase from Florence & Fred. 
Bib: Florence & Fred |Top: Peacocks|Bottoms: Florence & Fred|Socks: H&M 
I've been popping into Tesco after work and I've been really impressed with the sale they have in the F & F section, I picked up these joggers for £3. I could only find size 9-12months but they have plenty of room in them. I really liked the bears on them and think they're perfect for Autumn/Winter. His socks are new from H&M and I suppose you could class them as Christmas socks as they've got reindeers etc on them, his feet look so cosy in them. His dribble bib says "Dude" on it, with his cold AND teething theirs been lots of snot and dribble.

Outfit 2
I saw this top on the H&M website and fell in love with it, it says "Mummy's Little Gentle Man". 
Top: H&M|Bottoms: Zara|Socks: H&M 
I've been buying a lot more darker clothes for Joey to stop stains showing through as much. I paired the top with another pair of bottoms from Zara, I think the gold in the top goes nicely with the colour of the leggings.

Outfit 3
We took a trip to one of our local parks, it was so windy but Joey enjoyed going to the animal corner. 
Hat: Everton FC| Coat: H&M| Top: Florence & Fred |Bottoms: Zara |Shoes: Clarks 
I picked up Joey's hat from an Everton FC stall in Liverpool on my way to work a couple of weeks ago, it was £6, I liked it because it's white with the grey badge and has the grey pom pom on top. Joey's coat is a fairly new purchase aswell, I'd been looking for a parka jacket for Joey for ages. Originally I spotted one in Zara but then I saw this at work and I get staff discount so I thought why not. The top he's wearing is a Halloween top and says "Spooky Cute" with little ghosts on it, it was £3 from Tesco. He doesn't have any Halloween style trousers so I paired them with his grey geometric print bottoms from Zara, I thought they looked a bit like spiders webs.

Outfit 4
We had a lovely trip out to Southport. 
Bib: George at Asda|Top: Zara|Bottoms: Zara| Shoes: Clarks 
This outfit doesn't go at all, but I wanted Joey to wear his new mountain bottoms from Zara. I love the colour and the print on the trousers and paired it with his favourite "Little Heartbreaker" top also from Zara. I added the Pumpkin bib as it's nearly Halloween.

It's Halloween on Saturday and as of yet I haven't picked up a costume for Joey to wear, we're not planning on doing anything anyway. I hope you've enjoyed Joey's outfits, don't forget to link up with This Mama Life.
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Happy Halloween

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Hooked on Netflix

Netflix is a wonderful thing but at times you find yourself involved in a very long and time consuming relationship with it, you all know the type of thing I'm talking about. Staying up until the early hours because you can't sleep not knowing what happens next.

So what's had me hooked on Netflix....
Orange is the New Black was the first tv show that I got obsessed with on Netflix. Up until then I'd just been using it for watching movies. I loved seasons 1 and 2 but didn't feel as excited while watching season 3. Season 4 is being made at the moment so I'm curious to see what happens next to the ladies of Litchfield.

Dexter had me completely obsessed! I binge watched episode after episode even if it was late at night. I'm a massive fan of anything with crime scene investigation so having a character who is a blood splatter analysis AND a killer is pretty exciting. I finished watching Dexter ages ago and I'm very tempted to rewatch the whole thing again.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was another Netflix original series that I really enjoyed watching. Compared to the other Netflix shows I've enjoyed it's funny, stupid and a pleasure to watch. Season 2 is in the making at the moment and I can't wait to see what Kimmy's been up to.

Netflix is really good at adding new additions and I've come across a brand new Netflix original series Scream which is based on the famous horror film series Scream. Scream is on my Netflix list to watch next.

My idea of a perfect Netflix binge is being in bed and watching it via my Apple TV with lots of nibbles, Diet Coke and my comfy bed.

What has had you hooked on Netflix?

Disclaimer: As part of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given 12 months subscription and an Apple TV in return for writing regular posts about the service. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Joey's 16 month update

Joey is now 16 months old, only 2 months away from being a year and a half old. Where is the time going at all, he's getting closer to being 2.
So this past month a lot has been going on, if you've read a few of my recent posts or social media posts you'll know that Joey recently started nursery. He's on his 3rd week at the moment and doing really well settling in. So things have been manic and downright stressful. Since last months post I also took Joey to a foot clinic to double check that there weren't any problems with his feet, since he's been walking with his walker his feet have been pointing outwards at a really weird angle. Anyway, all is fine and we were told to bring him back when he's 2 (in 8 months time) just to double check.

Over the past few weeks Joey has not been sleeping very well. At first he was just impossible to get to sleep initially and now he falls asleep as normal and wakes up about 10 times during the night. I don't know whether it's his teething, his cold or just a development phase but I hope he gets back to normal soon.

Even though Joey has had a rotten cold for ages he surprising hasn't lost his appetite. The biggest changes to his eating has to be from nursery as he's being introduced to new foods he hasn't had before like mandarin, oranges, houmous and a few more bits. He seems to be doing great with food at nursery and usually eats everything.

Since last months update Joey has started to take steps on his own. So exciting, although you really have to stand in front of him and hold your hands out for him to do it. I'm sure he just needs a bit more confidence to do it properly.

That's all for this month, maybe next month he'll be walking!

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Baby Changing bag Vs Joey's nursery bag

As you may have read,  Joey has started nursery recently and with that comes the addition of a new bag for him to take to nursery. So does this mean Joey's lovely Pink Lining changing bag is now useless??? I do still use his Pink Lining changing bag occasionally when we're on a long day out, so I thought I would compare the contents of his changing bag to his nursery bag.

Pink Lining changing bag
As Joey has got older I've found that I don't need to put as much into his changing bag as I used to.
- Nappies: Obvs nappies are always in the bag, 4 nappies seems to be the most you can fit in the nappy sections. We never seem to need anymore than that actually.
- Baby Wipes:  I always buy Sensitive baby wipes that come with the plastic lid so they stay fresher.  Wipes that just have the sticky strip always seem to go dry quicker. I always buy mine from Asda or Aldi.
- Nappy Bags: a must if your out and about and not near a baby change are scented nappy bags. Handy also for putting any dirty bowls or cutlery after lunchtime.
- Nappy Cream: always have 2 tubes of nappy cream, 1 for his changing bag and 1 for at home
- Teething Gel: Joey has a lot of teeth and goes through teething very randomly so we never go anywhere without it. We tend to always go for baby bonjela.
-  Calpol: I tend not to need to give him any during the day but it's always in the bag just incase.
- Anti-bacterial hand gel: even before I had Joey this has always been in my bag
- Bib: Joey is a messy eater AND milk drinker so having a bib is always necessary
- Spare clothes: I've sometimes made the mistake of not having a spare change of clothes for Joey and then he has an accident.
-  2 bottles
- Yoghurt and spoon: Joey loves his yoghurt as a snack.
-  Joeys changing bag doubles as mummy's handbag so it always has my purse, phone, deodorant, Lip balm & sunglasses

Nursery bag
Joey has a brand new bag that he takes to nursery. I wanted to get him a cartoon backpack so I got him this Avengers bag from Sports Direct for £10. As he goes to nursery for 3 full days, his bag is usually full to the brim.
- 2 bottles
- wipes
- change of clothes
- nappies
- nappy cream
- nursery diary

I'm in two minds whether to buy a new but smaller changing bag for when we're out and about with Joey. But at 16 months old this post gives you some idea as to what we put in his changing bags.

Is their any item or changing bag that you couldn't be without?

Friday, 16 October 2015

What Joey wore #26

Joey has just finished his first full week in nursery so i haven't had time to take pictures of him in a morning and then by the time he gets home he's absolutely filthy. So here's a few outfits he's worn since our last WMS post.

Outfit 1 
Top: Zara | Jeggings: Zara
Another Zara outfit, I love the top with the  caption "Cool, for a special event (with my mummy". Zara has some lovely tops for both boys and girls, I've become slightly addicted to ordering stuff for him. The Jeggings are from the girls section of Zara and I think they're a lovely colour.

Outfit 2
Cardi: Ralph Lauren|Top: Peacocks|Bottoms: Zara
This was a bit of an odd outfit choice but I think he looks good. I love putting him in his RL cardigan, it's getting too small now though. A knitted cardi is lovely when the weather is slightly mixed but too warm for a coat. His long sleeved maroon top came in a pack of 3 and they have all been featured in his WMS posts, I love putting plain tops with patterned leggings. The leggings are a fairly recent buy from Zara and I wish I had gotten them in 18-24 months instead.

Outfit 3 
Top: Zara | Bottoms: Zara
Another new purchase from Zara. We've both been quite poorly so we stayed in on my day off but I wanted him to wear his new outfit. The top says "Hey" and has a skull and crossbones font. His bottoms have got little cars on them which I thought was cute but because they're dark I like them even more so they won't get stained.

That's it for this week, I'll try not to leave it so long to link up is hectic at the moment. As always, don't forget to link up your little one's outfits with This Mama Life.
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Monday, 12 October 2015

A month of firsts

There comes a point in parenting when the older your child gets the more exciting it is when they reach milestones like first steps, first words etc. The past month has seen lots of firsts for Joey, some great and some not so great.

Toddlers first meltdown in the supermarket - I have to admit that up until a few weeks ago I was the smug mum who used to laugh a bit inside when I was with a well behaved and smiley Joey and we would walk past a parent with a screaming child. Well the saying what goes around comes around has definitely hit, Joey has had quite a few recently while we've been shopping. Most of the time he's trying to get out of the trolley or he's trying to grab at things on our way round. When he starts whinging I get so embarrassed, I know I shouldn't because he's only young but I dread the day when he has a full blown meltdown in the middle of an aisle.

First cold - 2 weeks ago Joey got his first cold and that was from 2 settling in sessions at nursery. He has been so snotty it's unreal, he's like a little St Bernard with all the drool and snot. He hasn't been too bad during the day but he's hardly been sleeping at night which isn't great when mummy and daddy have work in the morning. I went out and bought a load of cold medicines for him, spent a fortune and nothing has helped.

Started nursery - as you may have read or seen on my social media, Joey has recently started nursery. We've been wanting him to go to nursery for a while and even though he gets a bit upset when we drop him off, I think he likes it.

First steps - Joey has been using his Vtech First Steps walker for about about month now and he loves it. He races around the house with it so I hoped it wouldn't be long until he took some steps on his own. If he's been cruising along the furniture he has started to take steps to get to the other bit of furniture. Or if someone stands in front of him (ready to catch him if he falls) then he'll walk to us. He just needs the confidence to take more steps on his own and hopefully we'll have him walking by pressure.

So as you can see its been a very eventful couple of weeks. Hopefully his cold will go soon and he can get back to normal.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Settling in sessions at nursery

Over the past 2 weeks Joey has been having settling in sessions at nursery. I thought it would be good to write about how his sessions have been and how I've found the experience.

So Joey's first settling in session was 16th September at 9.30am and I left him for half an hour. The nursery that he goes to is a private day care but housed inside our local Sure Start centre where we take him for health visitor checks. So I stayed inside the building and just chilled for a bit. After half an hour I went back in to see how he got on and he was absolutely fine. I don't think he even realised that I'd left and was happyily playing with the other babies. Over the next few days I took him in and left him for an hour and again, he'd been absolutely fine. So I was pretty confident that Joey would be fine once he did a full day.

After getting his first cold though from nursery, and him not particularly feeling very well I didn't take him back to nursery for a week. I thought this might hinder his progress but it doesn't seem to have done. I then for a couple of days started leaving him for 2 hour sessions so we could see how he got on with naptime. Again, he was absolutely fine only becoming a little unsettled around naptime.
So last Friday was my first shift at work so we booked him in nursery for the whole day 8am till 6pm. If anything, this would be a major test to see how Joey would handle being in a full day.

Well he must have enjoyed it because he made us a picture of his handprints. He settled in fine and enjoyed playing with the sensory lights and outside with the other babies. His nursery has a book for every child that they fill in during the day about what they've eaten, naps etc. It's lovely seeing what he gets up to during the day. I have to admit that it has been tough leaving him but I know he's in the best place and he'll be learning new things all the time. Whenever I leave Joey with someone if I'm going out, even if it's his dad I always worry about him even when I know that he's perfectly fine. That's my job I suppose, to worry about him no matter what age he is. The nursery has been great though, they encourage parents to ring and check how they're kids are doing. I haven't gone crazy though and been ringing every hour, I can't have my phone on the shop floor but it still makes me worry.  I know the more he goes to nursery the more he will get used to it and his new routine. I'm just so relieved that he's settled in so well and he's happy. 

I'd love to know how your little one's settled in at nursery.

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Preparing Joey's AW15 wardrobe

We're now in October and let's be honest...we haven't exactly had a scorching summer have we??? Over the past week however the weather has been lovely and sunny. Even though the weather has been looking good it's now time to stock up on Autumn/Winter clothes for Joey.

Most clothing stores have now released their AW15 collections and Spring/Summer 15 collections are mostly in the sale section. So if you're after getting a bargain for next summer then have a look in the sale sections. Now that Joey is 15months old his style has definitely improved since last winter. I buy him more stylish clothes from the likes of Zara and  H&M because they sell good quality clothes at the best price. So here are a selection of stuff I've bought and stuff I have my eye on.

Here is a selection of clothes that I have my eye on for Joey, we've recently discovered Zara Kids and everything is amazing and the prices are great. The parka jacket is from Zara and looks so warm, I think Joey would look so cool in it. The stag leggings are from our fave handmade brand Fred & Noah and you can get a matching dribble bib, these will be so great for the winter and Christmas time. The triangle top is from Zara, unfortunately it's sold out, keeping my fingers crossed that it will come back in stock  (highly unlikely). Last but certainly not least is this two pack of long sleeve tops from H&M, I love the moustache print and at £5.99 what a bargain. 

Moving on now to the clothes that I've recently bought Joey and worn already. A lot of these are from Zara and a lot have been featured already on our WMS posts AND have been popular with a few other bloggers.
So the above is all from Zara, the raglan t-shirts were £2.99 each and the joggers £6.99 each. The 'I Woke up this wild' top was bought with the maroon mountain leggings so the outfit was just over £10, how fab is that! The tops are great and go with pretty much anything, the joggers however are so soft, I wish I'd bought them in the next size up aswell so he never grows out of them. Zara has been so popular over the blogsphere recently but I can pretty much guarantee that were not going to spot another kid in the same thing around where we live.
Here's a selection of some of the lovely long sleeved tops in his AW collection. The two Zara raglan tops have already been featured in WMS posts. The top right top is a recent purchase from Zara, it says "Cool. For a special event. I have a date (with my mum)". I loved the khaki colour and the what it says. The "Blogger" top is from Next and has been very popular with all the mummy bloggers, this is actually a girls top but i love the charcoal colour and font.
Joey's legging collection are probably the most important part of his clothing collection. We love a good printed legging that you can wear with different colour plain tops. The selection of leggings above are only the ones we've recently bought, he does have more pants. The first 4 pairs of leggings are all from Zara and have all featured over the last couple of WMS posts. The last pair of leggings are from a brand called Tobias & the Bear, they are such a lovely wintery/outdoorsy print. You may have noticed that Joey doesn't have a single pair of jeans in his wardrobe, leggings just feel so much comfier and now that Joey is moving around more they are easier for him to move around.

As I was editing this post, our favourite brand Fred & Noah have released their limited edition Christmas collection. They have some lovely Christmassy bits but are in limited sizes. They have some lovely unisex leggings and tops. Definitely going to order Joey something for Christmas. 

Have you started shopping for your child's Autumn/Winter wardrobe?

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