Monday, 12 October 2015

A month of firsts

There comes a point in parenting when the older your child gets the more exciting it is when they reach milestones like first steps, first words etc. The past month has seen lots of firsts for Joey, some great and some not so great.

Toddlers first meltdown in the supermarket - I have to admit that up until a few weeks ago I was the smug mum who used to laugh a bit inside when I was with a well behaved and smiley Joey and we would walk past a parent with a screaming child. Well the saying what goes around comes around has definitely hit, Joey has had quite a few recently while we've been shopping. Most of the time he's trying to get out of the trolley or he's trying to grab at things on our way round. When he starts whinging I get so embarrassed, I know I shouldn't because he's only young but I dread the day when he has a full blown meltdown in the middle of an aisle.

First cold - 2 weeks ago Joey got his first cold and that was from 2 settling in sessions at nursery. He has been so snotty it's unreal, he's like a little St Bernard with all the drool and snot. He hasn't been too bad during the day but he's hardly been sleeping at night which isn't great when mummy and daddy have work in the morning. I went out and bought a load of cold medicines for him, spent a fortune and nothing has helped.

Started nursery - as you may have read or seen on my social media, Joey has recently started nursery. We've been wanting him to go to nursery for a while and even though he gets a bit upset when we drop him off, I think he likes it.

First steps - Joey has been using his Vtech First Steps walker for about about month now and he loves it. He races around the house with it so I hoped it wouldn't be long until he took some steps on his own. If he's been cruising along the furniture he has started to take steps to get to the other bit of furniture. Or if someone stands in front of him (ready to catch him if he falls) then he'll walk to us. He just needs the confidence to take more steps on his own and hopefully we'll have him walking by pressure.

So as you can see its been a very eventful couple of weeks. Hopefully his cold will go soon and he can get back to normal.

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