Saturday, 24 October 2015

Joey's 16 month update

Joey is now 16 months old, only 2 months away from being a year and a half old. Where is the time going at all, he's getting closer to being 2.
So this past month a lot has been going on, if you've read a few of my recent posts or social media posts you'll know that Joey recently started nursery. He's on his 3rd week at the moment and doing really well settling in. So things have been manic and downright stressful. Since last months post I also took Joey to a foot clinic to double check that there weren't any problems with his feet, since he's been walking with his walker his feet have been pointing outwards at a really weird angle. Anyway, all is fine and we were told to bring him back when he's 2 (in 8 months time) just to double check.

Over the past few weeks Joey has not been sleeping very well. At first he was just impossible to get to sleep initially and now he falls asleep as normal and wakes up about 10 times during the night. I don't know whether it's his teething, his cold or just a development phase but I hope he gets back to normal soon.

Even though Joey has had a rotten cold for ages he surprising hasn't lost his appetite. The biggest changes to his eating has to be from nursery as he's being introduced to new foods he hasn't had before like mandarin, oranges, houmous and a few more bits. He seems to be doing great with food at nursery and usually eats everything.

Since last months update Joey has started to take steps on his own. So exciting, although you really have to stand in front of him and hold your hands out for him to do it. I'm sure he just needs a bit more confidence to do it properly.

That's all for this month, maybe next month he'll be walking!

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