Thursday, 1 October 2015

Preparing Joey's AW15 wardrobe

We're now in October and let's be honest...we haven't exactly had a scorching summer have we??? Over the past week however the weather has been lovely and sunny. Even though the weather has been looking good it's now time to stock up on Autumn/Winter clothes for Joey.

Most clothing stores have now released their AW15 collections and Spring/Summer 15 collections are mostly in the sale section. So if you're after getting a bargain for next summer then have a look in the sale sections. Now that Joey is 15months old his style has definitely improved since last winter. I buy him more stylish clothes from the likes of Zara and  H&M because they sell good quality clothes at the best price. So here are a selection of stuff I've bought and stuff I have my eye on.

Here is a selection of clothes that I have my eye on for Joey, we've recently discovered Zara Kids and everything is amazing and the prices are great. The parka jacket is from Zara and looks so warm, I think Joey would look so cool in it. The stag leggings are from our fave handmade brand Fred & Noah and you can get a matching dribble bib, these will be so great for the winter and Christmas time. The triangle top is from Zara, unfortunately it's sold out, keeping my fingers crossed that it will come back in stock  (highly unlikely). Last but certainly not least is this two pack of long sleeve tops from H&M, I love the moustache print and at £5.99 what a bargain. 

Moving on now to the clothes that I've recently bought Joey and worn already. A lot of these are from Zara and a lot have been featured already on our WMS posts AND have been popular with a few other bloggers.
So the above is all from Zara, the raglan t-shirts were £2.99 each and the joggers £6.99 each. The 'I Woke up this wild' top was bought with the maroon mountain leggings so the outfit was just over £10, how fab is that! The tops are great and go with pretty much anything, the joggers however are so soft, I wish I'd bought them in the next size up aswell so he never grows out of them. Zara has been so popular over the blogsphere recently but I can pretty much guarantee that were not going to spot another kid in the same thing around where we live.
Here's a selection of some of the lovely long sleeved tops in his AW collection. The two Zara raglan tops have already been featured in WMS posts. The top right top is a recent purchase from Zara, it says "Cool. For a special event. I have a date (with my mum)". I loved the khaki colour and the what it says. The "Blogger" top is from Next and has been very popular with all the mummy bloggers, this is actually a girls top but i love the charcoal colour and font.
Joey's legging collection are probably the most important part of his clothing collection. We love a good printed legging that you can wear with different colour plain tops. The selection of leggings above are only the ones we've recently bought, he does have more pants. The first 4 pairs of leggings are all from Zara and have all featured over the last couple of WMS posts. The last pair of leggings are from a brand called Tobias & the Bear, they are such a lovely wintery/outdoorsy print. You may have noticed that Joey doesn't have a single pair of jeans in his wardrobe, leggings just feel so much comfier and now that Joey is moving around more they are easier for him to move around.

As I was editing this post, our favourite brand Fred & Noah have released their limited edition Christmas collection. They have some lovely Christmassy bits but are in limited sizes. They have some lovely unisex leggings and tops. Definitely going to order Joey something for Christmas. 

Have you started shopping for your child's Autumn/Winter wardrobe?

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