Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Settling in sessions at nursery

Over the past 2 weeks Joey has been having settling in sessions at nursery. I thought it would be good to write about how his sessions have been and how I've found the experience.

So Joey's first settling in session was 16th September at 9.30am and I left him for half an hour. The nursery that he goes to is a private day care but housed inside our local Sure Start centre where we take him for health visitor checks. So I stayed inside the building and just chilled for a bit. After half an hour I went back in to see how he got on and he was absolutely fine. I don't think he even realised that I'd left and was happyily playing with the other babies. Over the next few days I took him in and left him for an hour and again, he'd been absolutely fine. So I was pretty confident that Joey would be fine once he did a full day.

After getting his first cold though from nursery, and him not particularly feeling very well I didn't take him back to nursery for a week. I thought this might hinder his progress but it doesn't seem to have done. I then for a couple of days started leaving him for 2 hour sessions so we could see how he got on with naptime. Again, he was absolutely fine only becoming a little unsettled around naptime.
So last Friday was my first shift at work so we booked him in nursery for the whole day 8am till 6pm. If anything, this would be a major test to see how Joey would handle being in a full day.

Well he must have enjoyed it because he made us a picture of his handprints. He settled in fine and enjoyed playing with the sensory lights and outside with the other babies. His nursery has a book for every child that they fill in during the day about what they've eaten, naps etc. It's lovely seeing what he gets up to during the day. I have to admit that it has been tough leaving him but I know he's in the best place and he'll be learning new things all the time. Whenever I leave Joey with someone if I'm going out, even if it's his dad I always worry about him even when I know that he's perfectly fine. That's my job I suppose, to worry about him no matter what age he is. The nursery has been great though, they encourage parents to ring and check how they're kids are doing. I haven't gone crazy though and been ringing every hour, I can't have my phone on the shop floor but it still makes me worry.  I know the more he goes to nursery the more he will get used to it and his new routine. I'm just so relieved that he's settled in so well and he's happy. 

I'd love to know how your little one's settled in at nursery.

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