Saturday, 7 November 2015

Being back at work and juggling family life

I've been back at work for just over a month now and I have to admit that being a mum, wife and going to work is a bit of a struggle. I knew things weren't going to be easy but I'm starting to realise how difficult it is trying to juggle everything.

As you may have read, I've recently started a job at amajor high street fashion store and even though I'm meant to be working in my home town I'm having to commute 28 miles a day for training. At the moment I'm on a 20 hour contract so my rota for the next couple of weeks is Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am till 3pm and then Sundays 9am till 5.30pm. So that means that Joey goes to nursery three full days a week while I go to work. In an ideal world I wanted to be earning more than what I have to pay out on childcare but at the moment I'm not gaining anything financially from going to work. A few people I work with have questioned why I'm working when everything I earn gets eaten up by nursery fees, it would just be easier to go back to being a SAHM. Even though it may not be benefiting me at the moment I needed to get my foot in the door first before committing to a contract I was struggling to do. Once I'm more settled at work and at home I'm sure I'll be keen to take on more hours. 

Our routine at the moment is a bit all over the place because of the travelling I have to do and it looks like Joey is taking a bit of time to get comfortable with our new routine. His sleeping routine is just all over the place and it feels like he never sleeps at nighttime. So the sleepless nights and early starts are taking its toll.

Over the next few weeks our team will be moving into our new store so their won't be anymore long commuting and hopefully family life will calm down a bit.

How did you find going back to work after having a baby?

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