Thursday, 24 December 2015

Joey's Christmas Eve box 2015

Over the past few weeks I've been seeing a lot of lovely Christmas eve hampers created by my favourite blogger mums, so I decided to make one for Joey.
To be honest, I've only left my self about a week to get it prepared so it's probably not as good as I ideally wanted it but it's my first attempt. I plan on doing a Christmas eve hamper for Joey every year, it will be lovely to see how each hamper changes every year as he gets older.

Wicker baskets (Pack of 3) - £9.99 B&M

Here's what's inside...
Santa plate - £19.95
Last year it was Joey's first Christmas and the first time I'd ever seen a personalised Dear santa plate name bit it was too late to order one. Then this year I completely forgot about it and made a rather last minute purchase via and it arrived pretty quickly even if it was a few days before Christmas.
Santa paint canvas - 99p store
I was browsing one of our many pound shops in town and I came across one that sold Christmas canvasses with a few colours of paint and a brush. For 99p it's not bad for keeping the kids occupied.

That's not my reindeer 
I'd been trying to find these for ages in my town and went into one of the only bookshops we have in St Helens and they had a variety of That's not my books. They are touchy feely books so great for a bit of sensory play.  

Santa is coming to St Helens
Another great Christmassy book to read with the kids before Christmas but this makes it more personal to where you live and tells the story of Santa and his reindeers travelling to St Helens to deliver presents. Local landmarks are mentioned in the book so great for little ones to start learning about their local community. 

Sleepsuit - £10 Mothercare
This sleepsuit was a rather last minute buy at Mothercare in the sale for £10. It's a Christmas pudding sleepsuit and says "Mummy's Little pudding" and also comes with a hat. In January MyVoucherCodes are offering Up to 50% off in the Mothercare sale.

Marshmallows - £1. 80 Mothercare
A lovely little thing I picked up from Mothercare, mainly because of its packaging. They were in the sale at £1.80.

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I hope you've enjoyed having a peek at Joey's Christmas eve box. Have you made one for your little ones?

Merry Christmas

Sunday, 13 December 2015

What Joey wore #28

It's been a long time since we last did a Weekend Mini Style post, so I thought it was time to get my bum in gear and get one done.

Outfit 1
1st December called for the first showing of our Christmas jumpers while we went food and Christmas decoration shopping.
Jumper: Primark |Jeggings: Zara |Shoes: Clarks
I bought the Christmas jumper from Primark about a month ago, it was £7 which I think is pretty reasonable. It has Rudolph the rednosed reindeer on it. I paired it with his light grey Jeggings from Zara.

Outfit 2
Ages ago I bought Joey some stag leggings from Fred & Noah and I love it when he wears them.
Top: Next | Leggings: Fred & Noah
The top from Next is like a long sleeve polo shirt, it came in a variety of colours and was part of their 2 for £10 offer. The top goes with anything, I love putting it with Joey's patterned leggings. The Fred & Noah stag leggings are lovely and wintery.

Outfit 3
It's Christmas so here's another Christmas outfit.
Top: Next|Vest: H&M |Jeggings: H&M
The reindeer print top is from Next and part of the 2 for £10 offer. I've never really seen reindeer print like this and I love it. It's winter and pretty cold so I put a long sleeved vest from H&M underneath and then his H&M Jeggings.

Outfit 4
This last outfit was from Joey's nursery  Christmas party last Thursday.
Jumper: Primark |Trousers: H&M
Any childrens Christmas party calls for a Christmas jumper. The trousers are like a courdroy material and think they're dead cute. I never normally put Joey in proper trousers but these are great and were only £3 in the sale and come in other colours.

I hope you've loved some of Joey's outfits sorry it's been a while. Don't forget to check out the other linkups over on This Mama Life.
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Monday, 7 December 2015

Preparing for Christmas

We're now a week away from Christmas, I can't believe how fast this year has gone! As soon as 1st December was upon us it was time to start making the house look Christmassy.

Last year in one of my blog posts about Christmas I may have mentioned that Christmas time has never been my favourite time of year, with the passing of my mum in 1997 their didn't seem a point to Christmas. Christmas is for when families come together and our family had been torn apart. So for over 10 years I never really witnessed what a traditional family Christmas was, decorating a house or even a tree is completely alien to me. The decoration to the outside of our house is very basic, we have lights around our front room bay window, snowflake stickers and a Santa stop here sign. I couldn't imagine living in a house where the whole front is plastered with tacky lights. Next year I'd like some more outside lights.

But now that we have our own house I'm slowly trying to put my own spin on Christmas decorations. I tell you now that my Christmas tree is rubbish, and the decoration in the house is very low key thanks to a very active toddler. But here are my favourite bits...

Santa's Little Elf photo decoration
At the beginning of December Joey and I had a trip to The Range to have a look at Christmas decorations and this little tree decoration caught my eye. I love anything personalised and it wasn't expensive, think it was only £2.99.

Santa glitter lamp
Another find at The Range was this Santa glitter lamp which changes colours. Their were other Christmas characters to choose from but I preferred the santa one. I thought this was quite a good alternative to a sensory lamp and Joey loves looking at it.

Christmas bedding
Last year was the first year I'd ever bought festive bedding and I couldn't wait to get it back on once December had started. This duvet set is from George at Asda, they always do some great bedding. 

How do you like to prepare for Christmas?

Christmas wishes 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Joey's first month at nursery

Joeys has been going to nursery for just over 6 weeks now, he has settled in well and loves his key workers which is a relief as I thought he would hate it. 

When Joey first started nursery he used to cry a bit when we handed him over to his key worker, after a week or so he became less clingy but because he's been ill over the past couple of weeks he doesn't seem so enthusiastic about us leaving him. For the first 4 weeks Joey was going to nursery three full days a week so we had a good routine going on but now that my work pattern has changed everything is all over the place at the moment. Sometimes he'll do 5 hour sessions if I'm on a short shift at work or other times he'll do a full day. 

While at nursery Joey enjoys doing a variety of different activities, I love it when he makes us things to bring home. From the moment Joey started nursery his favourite thing to do was use the walker but he also enjoys sitting in the sensory area and playing with the sensory toys. Joey does a lot of fun messy activities and he loves to paint pictures.

He loves his food at nursery, when I read his notes at the end of the day it always says that he's eaten all of his lunch, tea and snacks. During his time at nursery though Joey seems to have been off his milk, his key worker would always try him whenever he was due one but he would push it away.

His walking has improved quite a bit while he's been at nursery, he is only walking between furniture but it's a start I suppose. His key worker is pretty positive that he'll be properly walking by Christmas and that's what they are focusing more with him at the moment. The nursery that Joey attends is lovely and are great with updating us with Joey's progress, they have an iconnect channel online that allows parents and the nursery to post updates and leave messages. 

Deciding to put your child into nursery can be a difficult decision to make, when Joey first started I would get so worried about him not liking it and crying the whole day but he really has bonded with the nursery staff. I'm not going to lie, nursery is a very expensive thing but I'd rather pay the money than him being bored sat at home with me. I'm glad that he enjoys nursery and has settled in well with the staff and other children. This month Joey turns a year and a half old which means that it will be time to move to the toddler room, it's a big step and something I was only prepared to happen when he turned 2 bit hopefully he'll settle in fine as he'll more or less be around the same staff.

Has your child recently started nursery.? How have they settled in?

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Season of sickness

If any of you know me personally or follow me on social media then you may have seen that our household haven't been very well recently. Theirs been colds, head injuries, sick, sick and more sick.

The season of sickness started about a month ago with Joey having a cold. He had this cold for a good 2 to 3 weeks and his sleep pattern was horrendous, he was waking up about 10 times in the night.
His cold started to clear up but was then replaced by a rattling chesty cough which again kept him up most of the night. As he was coming to the end of his cough he was sick a few times due to all the phlegm in his throat. He was sick in the middle of the night, had to get into our bed and was then sick again in our bed. He then caught an eye infection in both eyes and was prescribed a cause of Amoxocilin and it cleared up in less than a week.

Because of him being sick and having an eye infection he missed a week of nursery. He'd only been back in nursery a few days when I got a call from nursery last week saying that Joey had had a fall and hit his head on a table (which he's done quite a lot) they gave him his lunch and thew it all up. Chris went to pick him up from nursery early and was then sick again at home. When i got home from work I tried to give him some tea and then some milk at bedtime but 10 mins after he threw up again so we took him to an A&E. We were kept in A&E for 4 hours why they did observations on him, they put the sickness down to him having a headache after hitting his head.

Then as Joey has got over his head injury, Chris has contracted hand, foot and mouth disease from picking Joey up at nursery. Then the cycle comes back around again and Joey gets another cold and cough. I just wish the sickness in our household would piss off (excuse my French).

Has your family been struck with a lurgy?

Thanks for reading