Sunday, 6 December 2015

Joey's first month at nursery

Joeys has been going to nursery for just over 6 weeks now, he has settled in well and loves his key workers which is a relief as I thought he would hate it. 

When Joey first started nursery he used to cry a bit when we handed him over to his key worker, after a week or so he became less clingy but because he's been ill over the past couple of weeks he doesn't seem so enthusiastic about us leaving him. For the first 4 weeks Joey was going to nursery three full days a week so we had a good routine going on but now that my work pattern has changed everything is all over the place at the moment. Sometimes he'll do 5 hour sessions if I'm on a short shift at work or other times he'll do a full day. 

While at nursery Joey enjoys doing a variety of different activities, I love it when he makes us things to bring home. From the moment Joey started nursery his favourite thing to do was use the walker but he also enjoys sitting in the sensory area and playing with the sensory toys. Joey does a lot of fun messy activities and he loves to paint pictures.

He loves his food at nursery, when I read his notes at the end of the day it always says that he's eaten all of his lunch, tea and snacks. During his time at nursery though Joey seems to have been off his milk, his key worker would always try him whenever he was due one but he would push it away.

His walking has improved quite a bit while he's been at nursery, he is only walking between furniture but it's a start I suppose. His key worker is pretty positive that he'll be properly walking by Christmas and that's what they are focusing more with him at the moment. The nursery that Joey attends is lovely and are great with updating us with Joey's progress, they have an iconnect channel online that allows parents and the nursery to post updates and leave messages. 

Deciding to put your child into nursery can be a difficult decision to make, when Joey first started I would get so worried about him not liking it and crying the whole day but he really has bonded with the nursery staff. I'm not going to lie, nursery is a very expensive thing but I'd rather pay the money than him being bored sat at home with me. I'm glad that he enjoys nursery and has settled in well with the staff and other children. This month Joey turns a year and a half old which means that it will be time to move to the toddler room, it's a big step and something I was only prepared to happen when he turned 2 bit hopefully he'll settle in fine as he'll more or less be around the same staff.

Has your child recently started nursery.? How have they settled in?

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