Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Season of sickness

If any of you know me personally or follow me on social media then you may have seen that our household haven't been very well recently. Theirs been colds, head injuries, sick, sick and more sick.

The season of sickness started about a month ago with Joey having a cold. He had this cold for a good 2 to 3 weeks and his sleep pattern was horrendous, he was waking up about 10 times in the night.
His cold started to clear up but was then replaced by a rattling chesty cough which again kept him up most of the night. As he was coming to the end of his cough he was sick a few times due to all the phlegm in his throat. He was sick in the middle of the night, had to get into our bed and was then sick again in our bed. He then caught an eye infection in both eyes and was prescribed a cause of Amoxocilin and it cleared up in less than a week.

Because of him being sick and having an eye infection he missed a week of nursery. He'd only been back in nursery a few days when I got a call from nursery last week saying that Joey had had a fall and hit his head on a table (which he's done quite a lot) they gave him his lunch and thew it all up. Chris went to pick him up from nursery early and was then sick again at home. When i got home from work I tried to give him some tea and then some milk at bedtime but 10 mins after he threw up again so we took him to an A&E. We were kept in A&E for 4 hours why they did observations on him, they put the sickness down to him having a headache after hitting his head.

Then as Joey has got over his head injury, Chris has contracted hand, foot and mouth disease from picking Joey up at nursery. Then the cycle comes back around again and Joey gets another cold and cough. I just wish the sickness in our household would piss off (excuse my French).

Has your family been struck with a lurgy?

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