Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Joey's 18 month update

On 19th December you turned 18 months old, a whole year and a half old! Only 6 months until your 2nd birthday, where has the time gone! 

This month has seen a MAJOR milestone being reached, you started walking!!! It seems that you had been cruising for ages and then one day you came home from nursery one night and started walking around the house. The key workers at nursery were certain that you'd  be walking by Christmas. We're so proud and happy that you're finally walking.

What you love
Bath time
Nursery (sometimes)
Kitchen cupboards
The hoover
As of 10th December you weighed 25lb, I wasn't expecting you to put on a lot of weight since we last got you weighed 3 months prior as you've not been very well over the past month or so. There are no concerns though which is great and when your not off your food you eat a lot of it. After you started walking we took you to Clarks to get some walking shoes for you, your feet have got wider and you take size 4.5G. 

Over the past month or so you have become rather picky over your food or just throw a major tantrum when your not bothered. You absolutely love Cheese and practically anything that's beige in colour and generally not healthy. You've completely gone off your strawberries and the only fruit we can get you to eat at home are bananas. For breakfast you love to have crumpets or some form of chocolate cereal. You eat whatever mummy and daddy are eating at tea time, when your interested in food we can pretty much give you anything. This month has also seen the introduction of your first cutlery, when mummy puts food on your fork you can put the food in your mouth yourself.

At 18 months old I guess we should be expecting some words from you. You're not completely mute and you do babble a lot. Recently it sounds like your saying Abba, I don't know how or why youve suddenly become interested in Abba. Don't get me wrong, mummy and daddy love a bit of Abba but I don't recall playing any Abba songs recently. 

Now that you've started walking I really hope we get some words out of you next. 


  1. Arwwww, happy 18 Month birthday Joey and well done on your walking milestone! x

    1. Thanks! He's a little monkey now that he's walking x