Saturday, 27 February 2016

Mothers Day Gift Guide

My second Mother's Day as a mummy is approaching on Sunday 6th March. Even though I'm not a person who demands gifts from my hubby or child I thought I'd share with you a few things that I'd love to be treated with or some ideas for the daddy's/partners out there (I hope you're taking note hubby).

Spa day

I've never been to a spa before but I'd love to go to one for a few hours of pampered bliss. I've seen plenty of people posting pictures of being pampered away as part of a birthday surprise or even birthday celebrations.

Treating the lady in your life to a lovely smelly candle is always a good idea. I love Yankee Candles, there's so many scents to choose from. The set of 6 votive sets are great, so that you have a selection of different scents to try.

I've never shopped in Victoria's Secret before but I do see some lovely VS PINK clothes on instagram. I had a look on their website and this top caught my eye, I love the colour, very spring shade.

I seem to live in my pj's when I'm at home. I love a good branded pair of pj's such as Disney or Mummy Pig from Peppa Pig. I always buy my pj's from ASDA, they always have a great selection.
I always love a personalised gift, they are unique and very thoughtful. I came across Bella & Bow and thought their products are amazing. I have a very similar necklace that Chris got me for my birthday last year but I love the engraved hand and footprints design.

If you follow me on social media you'll know that I have an addiction to ClaireaBella products. I have everything from bags to a pillow. This year Claire has designed another new Jute Bag for Mother's Day this year and it's lovely! I got one last year for Mother's Day. Toxic Fox have a great selection of Mother's Day gifts on their website.


CardNest is a greetings card subscription service . Members receive an assortment of three new card designs in the post each month, helping to build up a 'nest' of cards, ready to dip into whenever it's needed. I don't know about you, but I'm forever looking round the house for cards for a last minute birthday.
The CardNest team seek to uncover the most exciting artists and illustrators from across the world. They collaborate with both established and upcoming creatives to create a signature collection of cards that their members will love to receive and be proud to send.

Members receive a monthly pack of cards, filled with cards for birthdays, thank you's, congratulations and other designs 'just because'. Monthly membership is available worldwide. In the UK at £7.50/month and £10/month for international subscribers. Members in the UK can also customise their subscription by adding three first class stamps for added convenience, at the same price you pay at the Post Office. This would be such a great gift for anyone who likes stationary, the cards are absolutely beautiful and one of a kind. 

If all else fails then THE best gift you can give to mummy is time on her own, just an hour or two without the kids to do her own thing. Breakfast in bed also a great idea or even just offer (if you don't already) to sort the kids out yourself for a day.

Hope you've enjoyed my selection of gift ideas for Mother's Day this year. Wishing all the wonderful mummy's out there a fabulous day.

*I was sent a free sample to review the CardNest service for this post. All thoughts and opinions 100% my own. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Mummy Style

After I had Joey I got caught in a bit of a style rut, I completely neglected myself and just chucked whatever boring rubbish I could find on. My body is different to how it was pre baby, I can't wear the same things I used to but I'm slowly getting some style confidence back. You usually find lots of toddler style posts on here so I'm turning the attention on mummy for once! Here are a selection of some of my favourite things in my wardrobe at the moment...

Gilet & Top: H&M| Jeggings: New Look 
I've never owned or worn a gilet before, I was really in two minds whether to buy this but I was assured that I'd look fine in it. Because I have big Boobs I tend to stay away from anything big and bulky like this but I really liked it. It's so easy to throw on and easy to style aswell. I usually wear mine with a plain black top and my Jeggings. This would even look great with a plain long sleeved dress. Unfortunately, the gilet sold out pretty quick so it's no longer available online.

I have this jumper in two colours; grey and then this stoney one. They also come in khaki green, dark red and black. I've never been a fan of knitwear, this is the first winter I've bought jumpers as I've always thought they make me look bigger. But these jumpers are great and keep me lovely and warm, they can be worn with anything aswell.

I don't have many t-shirts in my wardrobe either, I don't know why I'm afraid of t-shirts but I think I just don't like how fitted most of them are. Recently I've bought a few tops from H&M that are actually not meant to be fitted and are quite floaty.

The same fitting as the top above, I liked it because it has New York written on it.

I had my eye on this top for ages, it comes in different colours but I especially loved the stripes with the lace.

I don't usually wear dresses like this but I loved the pattern and thought it would be great in the summer paired with a denim jacket and some converse or just a pair of sandals.

If you've recently had a baby and are feeling less than body confident, don't worry things will feel better and don't neglect yourself. Don't be afraid to treat yourself! 

Have you got a favourite item in your wardrobe at the moment? 

Friday, 19 February 2016

Weekend Tot Style #3

This week has been the start of being a SAHM again. We haven't done much this week, Joey's got another cold and now I've got one so we've had lots of lazy days.

Outfit 1:

This first outfit I absolutely love and completely fitting for Valentine's Day. 
Jumper: Birdies & Bearcubs | Leggings: Fred & Noah

Outfit 2

Jumper: H&M| Jeggings: H&M 
The jumper from H&M is another favourite of mine, bought a few weeks before Christmas in the sale. It's so comfy on him. The Jeggings also from H&M are really popular with Joey and he's had a few pairs because you can wear them with anything and most importantly are comfy for him.

Outfit 3

Jumper: H&M| Jeans: F&F Tesco
We ventured out to buy a new bin and then ended up in Smyths toy store. I've been wanting to get Joey the new Teletubbies toys since they were released recently. As you can see, he absolutely loves Jumping Po.

Today I nipped to H&M to pick up this outfit I've had my eye on for ages. As always I seem to be buying Joey socks everytime I go out shopping, I'm sure the washing machine eats his socks.
Top: H&M | Trousers: H&M

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Going back to being a SAHM

If you read my blog or follow me on social media then you will probably know that since September I've been back in work part-time. Well last week I handed my resignation in at work so this week has been my last and Joey's last week in nursery.
The reason for quitting my job is simply because of nursery fees and how much it costs us to put Joey in nursery. The wage I get just doesn't cover the amount of sessions he has. Working in retail when you have a child isn't great, retailers want you to be fully flexible and in my case only require you to work 4 hours a day. So we made the decision for me to finish work and be a SAHM again, ideally I need to find a job that full time that pays an amazing wage. Unfortunately there's no help available to us in terms of benefits, it seems that those who work are the ones who truly suffer the most while plenty of people who have never worked and depend on benefits get a lot more opportunities.

As it stands at the moment without paying for nursery ourselves Joey will only go back to nursery when he's eligible for free childcare at around 3 years old. I feel a bit ashamed that we've had to take him out of nursery, he really did enjoy it despite the anxiety he had when we dropped him off. But without paying for nursery we will be better off as a family. I've made some great friends at work and atleast I know what it's like now going to work and doing nursery runs. But as it stands it seems to me that the current government aren't doing anything to enable new parents back into work.

If anybody else has been through a similar situation I'd love for you to get in touch.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Toddler Clothing Haul #weekendtotstyle

This week we're only showing you one outfit that Joey has worn during the week, he's been to nursery every day so his outfits have been pretty plain as we've been in a rush literally everyday.

Top: Zara | Leggings: Tobias & the Bear
Joey has worn this outfit a lot, I think it goes great together. The top is the " I woke up this wild" raglan style, it goes great with the Mr Bear leggings from Tobias & the Bear.

Over the past couple of weeks I've made a few clothes purchases for Joey that he hasn't worn yet. As he's now nearly 20 months old the majority of 7his 12-18 months stuff (apart from his H&M stuff) he is growing out of now. So the next size up means a whole new wardrobe needs to be bought.

Mumma's Boy jumper - Birdies & Bearcubs
I came across the jumper on instagram, it's perfect for Joey as he is very much a Mumma's boy but at the time it was sold out so had to wait for them to be restocked. I'd never heard of the Birdies & Bearcubs brand before and they have some other great stuff aswell as Mumma's girl, Daddy's girl etc products aswell.

Giraffe leggings - Lamb & Bear
Again, these giraffe leggings caught my eye on instagram aswell. I love a giraffe print and these are lovely. I got these discounted as their was a problem with the print but you can't even tell.

3 pack t-shirts - Matalan
Plain t-shirts are great and something Joey has in his wardrobe all the time. I last bought a pack of t-shirts from Matalan last summer and Joey wore them all the time. These ones have little embroidered robots on them and are super soft.

Pyjama sets - Matalan
Joey has suddenly grown out of all of his 12-18 sleepsuits. I ordered these online and I thought these had built in feet like sleepsuits but where a Pyjama set. With it being so cold I like the put Joey in sleepsuits with feet in as his feet always get so cold. These will do for probably over the warmer months aswell.

Sleepsuits - George at Asda
I'd already ordered the above pj's from Matalan but they took ages to deliver so I bought these sleepsuits from ASDA in the meantime. These were part of the Baby & Toddler Event that they recently had and were only £7. I don't tend to buy any clothes from Asda these days but I've always loved their nightwear but they've never had size 18-24months until I came across these. They are so long, but once you wash and dry them they seem to shrink a little bit.

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Useful baby products with Babythingz

For any new or expecting parents, depending on where you are in your pregnancy you have probably worked out by now that babies require a lot of stuff. When I was pregnant with Joey, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that I thought we needed. Going into the likes of Mothercare filled me with dread because of the vast amount of products but also the expensive prices. is an online children's shop based in Newcastle. They stock a variety of great brands such as BabyStyle, Britax, Quinny, Maxi-Cost, Phil and Teds to name but a few. Aswell as offering products they also offer practical clear advice for customers which is something I wish I had had when I chose products for Joey before he was born. Prams or pushchairs are very expensive products that you need to be fully satisfied with so get as much as advice as you need.


Joey will soon be needing to upgrade from his travel system to a stroller and after a long browse on I've eyed up a few options. The great thing about the website is that it offers products for every budget. Even though I had never heard of before I am very impressed with the website and the array of products they sell, some products i'd never seen before immediately caught my eye on the main page. 


A few of the footmuffs on the website appear to be universal to fit a range of strollers. I've always loved Tatty Teddy products so think this is lovely and very tempted to get it for Joey's pram.

Have you ever used before?

Disclaimer: I have been approached by to browse the website and feature some products in a post. I have received a fee but as always thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

HELP! My 19 month old has got the terrible two's early

I always knew their would come a time when Joey transitioned from baby to Toddler, not being able to stand or sit up and then running around the house causing chaos. Well my friends, Joey is 4 months off his 2nd birthday and he's been having the worst tantrums...have the terrible two's come early???
The supermarket is the first place his tantrums started to happen, he's no longer happy with sitting in the trolley like the happy child he was a few months back. He tries to climb out the trolley or just gets so bored and picks things out of the trolley he can reach and throw them out. This obviously makes doing the foodshop a whole lot more difficult. 

The majority of his outbursts happen while he's at home; if we tell him off he screams, take something away that he shouldn't be touching he turns into the devil. During meal times are the worst, he'll happily be eating and then all of a sudden he starts throwing food on the floor. He has recently started to bang his head on the floor and again doesn't like it when I stop him from hurting himself. As a baby Joey was always so well behaved, you could take him anywhere and you wouldn't know their was a baby around, he was so peaceful and chilled out. What happened to my well-behaved baby????

I'm pretty sure that this is just a phase but it just seems like he's having a tantrum ALL the time. Sometimes you just want laugh at how stupid he looks but most of the time I feel like crying.

Fellow parents, any advice would be much appreciated.

A stressed out Mama

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Teaching a toddler to use cutlery

Just over a month ago I bought Joey some proper toddler cutlery, I thought it was about time I started to encourage him to start feeding himself using cuylery and we've got on rather well.
The set that I went for is the Tommee Tippee explora grown up cutlery from ASDA for £4.99. There wasnt much choice to be in honest in our local Asda. 
In the pack you get a fork, knife and spoon. When we first started using the set I fed him myself a few times to get him used to a different type of cutlery. I've then put a piece of food on to the fork and left it on his plate for him to pick up himself, he's been really good at this. When he puts the fork in his mouth himself we always give him praise for being a good boy. As of yet we haven't introduced him to his knife yet, I think it will be a while before he'll be using both a knife and fork at the same time.
I'm really happy with his progress so far. Have you got any advice or tips for improving cutlery skills in toddlers?

Friday, 5 February 2016

Weekend Tot Style #2

This week has been another wash out week, Joey has been ill again surprise surprise so not a lot of outfits to show this week.

Outfit 1
This was a nursery day outfit, I bought the Rolling Stones jumper from H&M ages ago and he has worn it a few times.
Jumper: H&M | Leggings: Zara

Outfit 2
On this day Joey went through 2 different outfits as he'd had a few accidents. I'll only show you the best one though. Joey has quite a collection from Zara and I love all of his little bits. The "I woke up this wild" raglan top was one of the first things I bought from Zara, I love it as you can put any kind of bottoms with it. His geometric print leggings are another favourite of mine.
Top & leggings: Zara

Outfit 3
As Joey had been unwell I took a day off work to take Joey to the doctors. His Fred & Noah cloud leggings haven't been worn since the summer so I thought it was time to get them out again. When I bought them for him in June they were baggy for him and fit him perfectly now. Even though it was a rainy day his cloud leggings brighten things up. His roll neck top is another favourite of ours, I think it went so well with the leggings.
Top: H&M | Leggings: Fred & Noah| Shoes: Adidas

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