Thursday, 4 February 2016

9 Reasons why Netflix is your best friend when your ill

The dreaded flu season is uppon on us. It’s freezing and you’re feeling sorry for yourself. You’ve either got a cold-coming; the lurgy already or you’re using it as an excuse to stay indoors, keep warm and stop spending money.  We've all been struck down with a cold in our house and I always love snuggling up watching a film on Netflix something easy to get into or a fave of mine.

Here are 9 Reasons why Netflix is your best companion when you have the Flu…. 
1) It doesn't need any attention when you’re really not up for it – you don’t have to talk to it
2) You only need your eyes to enjoy Netflix, perfect for when every other part of your body hurts
3) It leaves you alone when you want to sleep, but it’s always there when you need some company
4) It keeps you occupied meaning your recovery time goes much faster
5) It makes your time resting on the sofa feel more productive
6) It doesn't judge the way you look reclining in your mountain of snotty tissues, grubby PJs and fashioning sickly flu-looks 
7) It doesn't nag you to get out of bed – you can stay in bed all day with Netflix
8) It respects your life choices – if you want to stay in bed and watch one more episode, or pause, get up and have that shower – Netflix supports you in your decision 
9) It doesn't judge your film or TV choices – we all make out-of-character decisions under the influence of a high fever.

Netflix recommendations for when you’ve got the flu:
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - Ferris convinces his entire school he’s at death’s door, then hits the street of Chicago with his girlfriend and best friend for a day of fun. You and Ferris ain’t so different ;) 

Clueless - Meddlesome Beverly Hills high school student Cher gets more than she bargained for when she gives a fashion-challenged student a makeover. 
Pretty Little Liars S1-6 - Rudderless without their missing leader, for formerly tight high school friends band together when a blackmailer threatens to spill their dirt. Brand new episodes now available.
House of Cards S1-3 - Ruthless Congressman Frank Underwood will stop at nothing to conquer Washington D.C. In this Emmy winning political drama. Catch up now, before S4 hits Netflix on March 4th. 

My favourites to watch when I'm ill:
Love, Rosie

The Best of Me

22 Jump Street

Just Like Heaven

What are your favourites to watch when your ill?

Disclaimer: As part of the Netflix Stream Team I have been given 12 months subscription and an Apple TV in return for writing regular posts about how I use Netflix. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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