Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Going back to being a SAHM

If you read my blog or follow me on social media then you will probably know that since September I've been back in work part-time. Well last week I handed my resignation in at work so this week has been my last and Joey's last week in nursery.
The reason for quitting my job is simply because of nursery fees and how much it costs us to put Joey in nursery. The wage I get just doesn't cover the amount of sessions he has. Working in retail when you have a child isn't great, retailers want you to be fully flexible and in my case only require you to work 4 hours a day. So we made the decision for me to finish work and be a SAHM again, ideally I need to find a job that full time that pays an amazing wage. Unfortunately there's no help available to us in terms of benefits, it seems that those who work are the ones who truly suffer the most while plenty of people who have never worked and depend on benefits get a lot more opportunities.

As it stands at the moment without paying for nursery ourselves Joey will only go back to nursery when he's eligible for free childcare at around 3 years old. I feel a bit ashamed that we've had to take him out of nursery, he really did enjoy it despite the anxiety he had when we dropped him off. But without paying for nursery we will be better off as a family. I've made some great friends at work and atleast I know what it's like now going to work and doing nursery runs. But as it stands it seems to me that the current government aren't doing anything to enable new parents back into work.

If anybody else has been through a similar situation I'd love for you to get in touch.

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