Tuesday, 9 February 2016

HELP! My 19 month old has got the terrible two's early

I always knew their would come a time when Joey transitioned from baby to Toddler, not being able to stand or sit up and then running around the house causing chaos. Well my friends, Joey is 4 months off his 2nd birthday and he's been having the worst tantrums...have the terrible two's come early???
The supermarket is the first place his tantrums started to happen, he's no longer happy with sitting in the trolley like the happy child he was a few months back. He tries to climb out the trolley or just gets so bored and picks things out of the trolley he can reach and throw them out. This obviously makes doing the foodshop a whole lot more difficult. 

The majority of his outbursts happen while he's at home; if we tell him off he screams, take something away that he shouldn't be touching he turns into the devil. During meal times are the worst, he'll happily be eating and then all of a sudden he starts throwing food on the floor. He has recently started to bang his head on the floor and again doesn't like it when I stop him from hurting himself. As a baby Joey was always so well behaved, you could take him anywhere and you wouldn't know their was a baby around, he was so peaceful and chilled out. What happened to my well-behaved baby????

I'm pretty sure that this is just a phase but it just seems like he's having a tantrum ALL the time. Sometimes you just want laugh at how stupid he looks but most of the time I feel like crying.

Fellow parents, any advice would be much appreciated.

A stressed out Mama


  1. We have the same issue in the supermarket! Sometimes I use bribery or I take him out and tell him to walk and hold my hand, and let him pick up suitable items and put them in the trolley otherwise he gets bored, and starts running away of having a tantrum!

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It's a nightmare isn't it. I just hope these little outbursts aren't an everyday occurrence.