Sunday, 7 February 2016

Teaching a toddler to use cutlery

Just over a month ago I bought Joey some proper toddler cutlery, I thought it was about time I started to encourage him to start feeding himself using cuylery and we've got on rather well.
The set that I went for is the Tommee Tippee explora grown up cutlery from ASDA for £4.99. There wasnt much choice to be in honest in our local Asda. 
In the pack you get a fork, knife and spoon. When we first started using the set I fed him myself a few times to get him used to a different type of cutlery. I've then put a piece of food on to the fork and left it on his plate for him to pick up himself, he's been really good at this. When he puts the fork in his mouth himself we always give him praise for being a good boy. As of yet we haven't introduced him to his knife yet, I think it will be a while before he'll be using both a knife and fork at the same time.
I'm really happy with his progress so far. Have you got any advice or tips for improving cutlery skills in toddlers?

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