Saturday, 13 February 2016

Toddler Clothing Haul #weekendtotstyle

This week we're only showing you one outfit that Joey has worn during the week, he's been to nursery every day so his outfits have been pretty plain as we've been in a rush literally everyday.

Top: Zara | Leggings: Tobias & the Bear
Joey has worn this outfit a lot, I think it goes great together. The top is the " I woke up this wild" raglan style, it goes great with the Mr Bear leggings from Tobias & the Bear.

Over the past couple of weeks I've made a few clothes purchases for Joey that he hasn't worn yet. As he's now nearly 20 months old the majority of 7his 12-18 months stuff (apart from his H&M stuff) he is growing out of now. So the next size up means a whole new wardrobe needs to be bought.

Mumma's Boy jumper - Birdies & Bearcubs
I came across the jumper on instagram, it's perfect for Joey as he is very much a Mumma's boy but at the time it was sold out so had to wait for them to be restocked. I'd never heard of the Birdies & Bearcubs brand before and they have some other great stuff aswell as Mumma's girl, Daddy's girl etc products aswell.

Giraffe leggings - Lamb & Bear
Again, these giraffe leggings caught my eye on instagram aswell. I love a giraffe print and these are lovely. I got these discounted as their was a problem with the print but you can't even tell.

3 pack t-shirts - Matalan
Plain t-shirts are great and something Joey has in his wardrobe all the time. I last bought a pack of t-shirts from Matalan last summer and Joey wore them all the time. These ones have little embroidered robots on them and are super soft.

Pyjama sets - Matalan
Joey has suddenly grown out of all of his 12-18 sleepsuits. I ordered these online and I thought these had built in feet like sleepsuits but where a Pyjama set. With it being so cold I like the put Joey in sleepsuits with feet in as his feet always get so cold. These will do for probably over the warmer months aswell.

Sleepsuits - George at Asda
I'd already ordered the above pj's from Matalan but they took ages to deliver so I bought these sleepsuits from ASDA in the meantime. These were part of the Baby & Toddler Event that they recently had and were only £7. I don't tend to buy any clothes from Asda these days but I've always loved their nightwear but they've never had size 18-24months until I came across these. They are so long, but once you wash and dry them they seem to shrink a little bit.

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  1. Thank you for featuring lamb & bear leggings! Love your outift choices xx

    1. Can't wait for him to wear them, a little bit big for him yet x

  2. Love his posing in the first picture hes a natural. I adore those giraffe leggings! My favourite animals so what a no brainer for me/ #WeekendTotStyle x

  3. LOVE the Mummas boy top! I need it in my life.. haha we also featured the lamb and bear leggings in our post too! They are lovely aren't they :) xx #weekendtotstyle

  4. Fab outfits! I really am itching to buy some pattered leggings for Leah now, they are everywhere!! Thank you for sharing #WeekendTotStyle

  5. Oh wow I love the mummas boy jumper, I've seen them on instagram. Love both the pairs of leggings as well.x #weekendtotstyle

  6. Aw you're sharing some fab outfits and picks with us this week. I love the 'I woke up this wild' top - I got it for my cousin's little boy and it looks great! The Mummas boy jumper and giraffe leggings will look great together! Thank you so much for linking up with us and hope you had a great weekend :) #weekendtotstyle