Thursday, 3 March 2016

Coping with Mother's Day

Mothers Day has never been an easy time for me, my mum passed away 19 years ago when I was 5 years old. I don't remember how we celebrated Mothers Day before she died but obviously after she left us any kind of celebration that revolved around family became hard to stomach.

From the ages of 8 to 18 I went to an all girls boarding school, Mother's Days were always made a big deal out of with a special Mothering Sunday church service being put on. I was always excused from going because I didn't have a mum, but it still didn't stop me from witnessing Mother's and daughters enjoying the day. It didn't stop me from going to my room and crying my eyes out because all I'd ever wanted is for my mum to be here.

Since leaving school and before having Joey, I've never paid attention to Mother's Day. You only know its Mothers Day because of all the adverts you see. My mum doesnt have a grave so it's not like I can go somewhere to pay my respects. Even now that I have Joey, I'm a mother myself now and that should be celebrated but I'm not actually that bothered. In my eyes you should love and respect your mother everyday of your life, not just make an effort for 1 day. To me, Mother's Day has become an event very similar to Valentine's Day and companies make huge money for painting unrealistic pictures of what they want us to perceive as reality. The reality is is that parents aren't respected as much as they should be, I've witnessed so many incidents over the years that shock me at how disrespectful people are towards their parents when there are people...orphans like me who would give anything to have their parents back.

So Mother's Day to me isn't a big deal, just another day. At the moment we have no plans because Chris is working. This post sounds like such an angry rant, it's not, I just don't want to sugar coat things and imply that I'm looking forward to the day. I'm sure when Joey's older he'll make a big deal out of his mummy but for now I'm all for anything low key. My way of coping with Mother's Day isn't necessarily the best way to deal with a tough celebration, here are a few ideas to make Mother's Day a positive day:
  • Don't spend the day on your own, makesure you have friends or family around you or phone a friend. 
  • treat yourself; spend some money on yourself buy that piece of clothing, dvd or something that you've been meaning to get for ages.
  • If you have small kids then get out and about, a trip to the park or walk round town.
  • celebrate your mum or loved one even if they're not with you anymore. They wouldn't want us to be sad or miserable on Mother's day or any day. 
  • celebrate what you have, I'm so thankful that I have Joey and Chris in my life. Without them I don't know where I would be and I'm so happy to be a mum and a wife.
Anybody else feel the same way about Mother's Day??? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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