Monday, 21 March 2016

Getting my toddler to sleep

When Joey was a baby he was generally a good sleeper, once he'd moved into his own room just after he was 6 months he was still a good sleeper. Recently however, Joey has been a nightmare sleeping in his own room but I think we've finally cracked it!
So usually from when Joey was a baby his bedtime routine would involve him falling asleep in mummy and daddy's bed, once asleep I'd carry him into his room and put him in his cot. He's always been fine with this and slept through most of the time. But during Christmas, Joey became a nightmare at getting to sleep and even when he did finally fall asleep once I'd try and move him into his room he'd either wake up straight away and scream or he'd only sleep for a few hours. Obviously when your child wakes up screaming in the early hours alls you want to do is get them back to sleep straightaway as your still half asleep yourself. He would never settle back down in his own bed so he'd end up in our bed. This happened every single night, throughout Christmas and it's only been about 2 weeks since we decided enough is enough and something had to change.

So about 2 weeks ago we decided that we were going to put Joey in his cot straight away when it was bedtime. We weren't under any circumstances going to let him in our bed. The first couple of nights were pretty hard, he would stand up in his cot screaming everytime I tried to leave the room. But I found that if I stayed in his room with him, if he stood up I'd just put him back down and not say anything to him. After a few times he gets tired and falls asleep and he's only woke up about once in the night.

Bedtime is so much better now, I wish I had put my foot down ages ago and put him in his own room straight away. I know there are probably a few parents shaking their head reading this and probably thinking what a stupid mummy I am to encourage my child to sleep in his parents bed. I agree, and my hubby will agree that I have been stupid. I thought I was doing what was best but we needed our bed back. To be honest, I think since Joey had started nursery last September that's when we started having issues with him sleeping and more so when he's picked up colds and sickness bugs. But I'm glad he's now sleeping in his own room now.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's had similar issues with getting their toddlers to sleep in their own rooms? What did you do to change things?

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