Thursday, 24 March 2016

Joey's Easter Hamper

Easter weekend officially starts tomorrow so what better time to show you the Easter hamper I've put together for Joey. We first did a Christmas hamper for Joey last year and thought it would be nice to do one for Easter aswell.

The basket is the same one we used for his Christmas hamper and we've since been using it to store Joey's bottles in. The basket is part of a set of 3 from B&M, they were £9.99 and come in really handy for storage. The green shredded tissue paper is from The Range and was only 50p, the little chicks and eggs were from a poundshop.
We went to a carboot sale last weekend and I picked up this bunny for £1. It was brand new and it is so soft. 

I'd been on a hunt of my own to try and find Easter books for Joey at several shops in our town centre. I picked this up from Tesco for £3. Joey absolutely loves watching Peppa Pig.

Joey loves the two other "That's Not My" touchy feely books in his collection so I was desperate to get an easter one for him. I couldn't find it any of our supermarkets but managed to get it from an independent book shop for £6.99. You can buy them a lot cheaper on the likes of Amazon but we've read this a few times already and he loves it.

This was a last minute purchase this week, I'd wanted to get Joey some easter related clothes or colours but not found anything. So when I saw this top from Cribstar I loved it, it can be worn anytime and Joey is nearly always a happy bunny.
Another last minute Easter purchase. I'd been on the lookout for some bunny leggings but nearly everything I could find was white and I didn't think that would be a great idea. These are great and will look great with Joey's Happy Bunny top. 

Last week we went shopping in Matalan with hubby to find him some jeans. At the checkout they had a selection of Easter stuff and these cookie cutters were among them, they were £3. I've been on the lookout for cookie cutters to use as sandwich cutters for Joey's lunches. We've used these quite a lot and they are so cute.

Chocolate Eggs
I picked up some mini chocolate eggs and Cadbury's creme eggs to hide in the tissue paper of his basket. Aldi is great for picking up cheap little chocolate bits.

That's everything in Joey's Easter hamper, I'm hoping to pick up some crafts stuff tomorrow from Mothercare/ ELC which I would have liked to have added. I'm sure as Joey gets older I'll be able to add more crafts goodies to his hampers.

What have you got planned for Easter with the kids?

Happy Easter

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