Thursday, 10 March 2016

Millies at Home Cookies from Iceland

A few weeks ago while going through Twitter I came across a tweet advertising a new range at Iceland, Millies at home Cookies. I lurrrve cookies and basically anything chocolatey so I made a trip to Iceland to try out these bad boys!

I must admit that I haven't been to Millies Cookies for years, we don't have one in my town so I just buy cookies from ASDAs bakery. But Millies Cookies are amazing so I was so excited to try their new at home cookie dough. In Iceland at the moment you can buy 2 boxes of Millies Cookies dough for £5. They're are 3 different flavours available; classic milk chocolate chip, triple chocolate and white chocolate. Inside each box is 6 portions of ready rolled cookie dough that can be cooked from frozen.
They are so easy to cook, just pop on a baking tray and in the oven for 16 mins. Leave to cool down and viola! The whole house smells like baking so not just are you making lovely cookies but an amazing smell aswell. I decided to go for white chocolate and triple chocolate, they tasted really good and so much more better than the ones I usually buy in the supermarket. 
Would I buy them again? 
Yes I would, but I won't be getting them all the time. Even though they taste great and they're fun to stick in the oven yourself they are pretty pricey compared to the 50p cookies I usually buy from ASDA. I wouldn't mind buying them now and again as a treatment though. If you have older kids and want to introduce them to baking then these would be a nice little treat on a rainy day.

Have you tried Millies at home Cookies from Iceland? What did you think?

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