Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Body Confidence After Having a Baby

Most of my teenage life and even my adult life I've never been happy with my body...who is??? I mean, we all wish that our bodies were different, most of us want to have a body like a supermodel or someone else famous. I've spent years picking myself apart about how I look and what I can/can't wear but I'm done with that now. I grew a human which is pretty damn amazing and I'm beginning to accept my new body.
Before Joey
At 5ft1 (probably not even that) my height...or lack of, has always been an issue for me. Aswell as being short I have big Boobs and I'm not naturally skinny. So  clothes shopping has always been a nightmare for me which puts a dampener on life when your friends can pop into any shop and find clothes that fit/suit them. I've never felt like I could fit in and wear normal clothes, what even is "normal"???

In the past 10 years I've gone from a tiny size 8 upto a 16, I think I felt my actual biggest this time last year when Joey was 2 months away from turning 1. I never even got into a size 16 when I was pregnant I was still pretty much in size 12  clothes. Having breastfed for the first 2 months and 2 weeks of Joey's life it kept the weight off and then as soon as I stopped the weight piled on. Probably not much for anyone to notice but I certainly did and I didn't do anything about. I went through last summer feeling so embarrassed at the thought of wearing anything too clingy or even legs on show.
Bump Shots
Then in September last year I started work back in retail where I would be on my feet a lot and not being able to snack like I did at home. So this meant that I started slimming down a bit, when I first started working I couldn't even get my wedding or engagement ring on because my fingers were so fat. By December my rings were back on my finger and if anything were a little loose. Clothes were starting to fit better and for the first time in ages I was able to get into size small clothes. I've not done anything to try and lose weight, I've still been eating what I want.

I've started to realise though that my idea of a "perfect" body is changing. I feel like I've got more confidence recently, I even went out in a dress at the weekend which was pretty figure hugging. I know that if I went to the gym and worked hard that I would lose my wobbly mum tum, but I don't have the time or money to go to the gym. 
Recently I've enjoyed taking pictures of myself in outfits, and for the first time in ages I'm finally feeling confident with what I wear.


  1. Great post and I'm glad you're feeling confident in yourself now!
    I've never been confident with my body as I've always had a large tummy and haven't been slim for years, I've actually been more confident for having Aria because a) I now have an excuse for my large tummy and b) I'm proud of what my body has achieved.

    1. Thanks for the comment Leanne. I think I was more confident when I was pregnant. Showing off my bump and wearing fitted maternity t-shirts made me feel good.