Monday, 4 April 2016

Toddler Bedroom Wish List

Joey's 2nd birthday is fast approaching, he's no longer a baby and it's got me thinking about making some changes to his bedroom. It's still very much a baby's nursery but I want to change it to a cool toddler boys room. So I've been having a look online and here are some bits that I absolutely love...

I've been on the lookout for some new curtains for Joey's room that make the room darker. I'd seen these curtains in an instagram post and liked them merely for the design. After having a look on the Next website I then discovered that they have a blackout lining which is amazing.

This duvet set matches the Dylan the Dinosaur Curtains above. I really like matching curtains and bedding and what's even better is the duvet is reversible and has a different pattern on each side.

Lit Alphabet Metal Wall Plaque
I've seen a few versions of this light on instagram but I love this version. It would look lovely on a floating shelf.

Alphabet cushion
I've had my eye on Alphabet cushions for a while now, a J cushion would look great in Joey's cot with his new bedding.

Children's Book Wall Shelf
At the moment Joey doesn't have any shelves in his room so his books are just stacked on top of a cabinet. I'd love to get some shelves where the front of the books are displayed.

Role play kitchen
Joey loves the kitchen, he's forever rooting through the cupboards. So I think his own little mini kitchen would be great and it's not expensive either.

5 piece cookware set
The best thing about our kitchen are the pans, Joey loves playing about with pans so they'll be a great addition to his play kitchen.

I must admit Joey's room is my favourite room in the house, I love just sitting in it for ages. Now that he's a toddler we need to transform it from a baby to Toddler room. The walls will stay blue and the furniture will stay as they are. We'll just be making small changes and nothing too dramatic or expensive.

What changes did you make when transitioning from baby nursery to Toddler bedroom???


  1. I have been trying to find those Alphabet Plaques for a while. I am so glad you posted this up. :-) x