Thursday, 26 May 2016

Another sleep update

You may remember a few months ago I wrote a post about how over Christmas Joey was having problems sleeping in his own bed, you can read it here. We took a stand and really focused on making bedtime better for him so that he would sleep all the way through in his own bed.
After a few weeks we saw some improvement, you can read that post here. Everything seemed to be going so well, we had the odd waking up in the night but nothing major. He was sick about a month ago in his bed and then had to jump in with us but that wasn't really an issue. It seems we have taken a few steps backwards recently, their was a night  when he woke up at 2am, wouldn't settle in his room and didn't want to be in our bed so I had to take him downstairs. Over the past week or so he's been waking up at around 5am, which for me is just a disgusting time to wake up. I did suspect around this time that he may have been teething so maybe that's the reason for his sleeping problems as of late.

This week however, he's been really good and it seems we've turned a corner. He's been falling asleep on the sofa, I carry him up to his room and he doesn't wake until 7am. For instance last night he fell asleep just after 6pm, he woke up at about midnight, went back to sleep and then woke up at 7.20am. So maybe things are starting to get back to normal. Joey has been going to bed really well recently that I completely forgot how good it felt to actually relax in the front room infront of the telly without him.

Has your toddler been through the same thing?

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