Thursday, 5 May 2016

Is it time to buy a stroller?

At 22 months old, we're still using our Mothercare Xpedior Travel system for Joey. Over the past few months I've been really thinking about getting a Joey a stroller, as much as I hate our Xpedior I've been having second thoughts about getting a stroller.

My reasons for having second thoughts are completely stupid, I just don't like the look of them. Most of them look tacky and I don't like how they're double wheeled but my main issue is that they're not parent facing. In our Xpedior Joey always faces me, it's the easiest way to keep an eye on him while we're out. He still has a good amount of room left in his current pram so I don't necessarily need to make any decisions just yet. But I have seen a few options I like...

Having seen quite a few Joie pushchairs they seem to be a very popular brand. What I like about it:
- Single swivel front wheels
- Large shopping basket
- one hand 3D hold

I'd first seen the Nuna Pepp being used by Hannah from First Time Mummy. It's probably the most expensive of my selection but I just love it. What I like about it: 
-  one-hand push bar
- 3 position reclining
- Oversized, extended canopy with flip out eyeshade
- Travel system compatible

I'm not a fan of TOWIE at all but I've seen a few of these prams and I love the designs. My friend has the chevron design for her daughter and it so stylish. What I like about it:
-safety bar
- gorgeous unisex designs

After having a second hand Silvercross Surf for Joey I was angry with myself that I'd never even considered a Silvercross before Joey was born. What I like about it: 
- Ultra lightweight and compact
- extending hood with UPF50+
- affordable for a Silvercross

I've never really seen any Recaro strollers but when I saw this is thought it looked a really good lightweight and modern stroller.  
What I like about it:
- one-hand push bar
- looks sturdy and modern
- vibrant colours

Even though their is no rush to go out and buy a stroller for Joey, I do like the idea of just having a new pram for him. His current one is driving me insane! Having a stroller that you can just fold down instead of having to take two lots of equipment in the boot would be amazing. I'm sure that all the little niggles I have about getting a stroller would probably dissappear after using one for a few weeks.

I really like every one of my picks here, have you got a favourite or what stroller are you currently using at the moment?

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