Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Is it wrong that I ask myself Why?

It's lunchtime on a wet and humid Tuesday, I'm tired and Joey is throwing yet another tantrum. Screaming in my face, refusing lunch, throwing everything in his path around the room. I ask myself Why??? 

WHY is he throwing a tantrum?
WHY now?
WHY did you wake up at 2am?
WHY have you been so difficult lately?
WHY do I want to cry when your screaming at me?
But the worst of all...
WHY did I have a child??? 

I feel so ashamed that I'm even thinking of that last one, I love my son so much and I will never ever regret bringing him into the world. But some days are a struggle, recently it seems as if he has a tantrum everyday. Their are times when hes the most lovliest little boy and then days when im convinced he's the devil's child. 

When your child is obviously not happy you ask yourself a plethora of questions...
Is he teething?
Does he have a temperature?
Upset tummy?
Too hot?
Nappy need changing?
Development phase?
He could be teething, I sort of assumed that all of his teeth were through now. The weather over the past couples of days has been very warm but I've always dressed him appropriately. He could be ratty for anyone of those reasons or ALL.

This morning at 2am he woke up crying, I tried to settle him in his cot but he was having none of that. Tried him in our bed (which usually happens) he kept getting off the bed so we went downstairs into the front in pitch black and put him in his chair. He fell asleep straight away. I set up camp for the night on the sofa (good job it's comfy). The rest of the day was filled with 5 minute interval tantrums, proper screaming. He then went to bed to at 8.30pm and slept all the way through.
I don't think Joey's ever been this upset. The day has been very difficult, I'm on my own with him for 9 hours a day and sometimes it's a struggle. 

Fist pump to all the parents out their that are going through the same thing with their toddler. I really didn't know whether to publish this post but I'm sure their are other parents going through the same thing. 

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