Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Taking Joey to Toddler groups

Until very recently, I'd only ever taken Joey to one baby group and that was when he was about 6 months old. I wasn't too fond of it as it was too religious for my liking, I wanted something more fun for Joey. But we never went back. Over the past 2 years  I've had all good intentions of going to regular groups but that dreaded anxiety has always kicked in about meeting new people. So before the Easter holidays I found 2 groups that I liked and here's how we've got on...

Tumble Tots
Tumble Tots is one of the UKs leading physical play programmes for Children. Before we went to our first group about 2 weeks ago, I didn't know what to expect, was it child led or instructor led? A bit of both really, children are encouraged to make their way around the circuit learning new coordination skills, and their is also song time. Unfortunately the first session we went to, Joey ran off, fell and hit his head on a brick wall. It didn't stop us from going back, he isn't a fan of all of the apparatus but he has really improved on walking across a beam without holding onto me. Something else I've also noticed is that Joey has now began to crawl on all fours instead of doing his weird bum shuffle. This is a group we will definitely be attending regularly.

Messy Play
We've never really done any messy Play or sensory play at home, only when he was at nursery. So again, I didn't know how he would get on. It was held in a very small section of a local soft play centre. Activities included; painting, jelly, edible play doh, multicoloured rice. The jelly was a complete hit with Joey and he was eating it, we did a few hand/footprint, he also liked playing with the multicoloured rice. He hasn't had a nap so he wanted to run off all the time. I don't think we'll be going back, instead I think I'll do more messy play with him at home outside.

I feel really guilty that we haven't attended regular baby groups, I suppose if we did then maybe Joey would have other tiny human friends and maybe even a mum friend for me. As of yet I haven't struck up a friendship with anyone, I did have a conversation with one mum who was admiring Joey's Zara leggings and then another mum who was 5 weeks away from her due date. Everyone seems to have already made friends and have their own little groups and to be honest, Joey wants to run round and not let me have a conversation with another adult. 

I'm glad that we've experienced two new toddler groups. Even though I think we'll be going to Tumble Tots every week, I think I want to find something else to do during the week that allows me to make mummy friends and friends for Joey. 

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