Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A year of Netflix

Just over a year ago I became part of the Netflix Stream Team, which for those of you not familiar, is basically a big group of bloggers who all love Netflix and give their opinion on the service. I'd been using Netflix way before I became a blogger so I was a fan of Netflix anyway but over the past year I feel the service has improved so much.
Netflix Original Series
The amount of original content that Netflix has is mind blowing, when i first started using Netflix years ago the only tv series you would find is old BBC stuff or well known american tv series. But Netflix has been excellent for bringing amazing new shows into everyone's lives. 

New releases
The amount of new release films has improved so much over the past year or so. I remember a time when Netflix jusy had the films that had flopped at the cinema but I'm so happy that they are adding more up to date films.

Kids account
For me, cartoons are a parents best friend and Netflix has it's own dedicated kids section full of kiddy friendly shows. Episode after episode of Peppa Pig has saved my bacon (parden the pun) a lot! 

What I've enjoyed watching: 
- Dexter
- Breaking Bad
- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
- Orange is the New Black
- Endless Love
- The Best of Me
- Love, Rosie
- The Do-Over

When I became a part of the Stream Team I was kindly gifted an Apple TV which has made watching my favourite shows and movies so easy, I can plug it in to any TV around the house so we can enjoy Netflix as a family.

I'm sure I'll still continue to use Netflix, it is really handy especially now that Joey is into Peppa Pig a lot.

What are your Netflix favourites?

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