Monday, 20 June 2016

Joey's 2nd Birthday

Yesterday was Joey's 2nd birthday...where on earth have those 2 years gone! It only feels like he was born 5 minutes ago. Here's a little look at how we celebrated his birthday.
This year we opted not to have a party for him, only because we planned 2 party's last year and not many people turned up. He doesn't go to nursery and have any little friends aswell so we planned a day out to Southport instead. The day before Joey's birthday I was running round making sure we had baloons and banners ready for his big day. We've also been trying to build his Little Tikes car for 2 days now and it's the hardest thing I've ever had to put together.
Anyway, so on the morning of his birthday we had breakfast as normal...he was really distracted by the baloons and wrapped presents. 
Once breakfast had been eaten it was time for the carnage to commence. The present unwrapping wasn't half as interesting as the massive number 2 balloon, he'd been playing with it all the time. Once we'd tidied up the wrapping paper mess I got him dressed into his birthday outfit. We left home pretty late but Southport isn't too far away so we got their for about 1pm. Had a run around on the  beach and our flyaway football flew into the sea...hubby was devasted and even contemplated risking life and limb to save it but decided not to.
We then went for lunch at Guelder Rose which is a lovely pub overlooking Southport pier and the beach, you can even see Blackpool across the water on a clear day. We always get a carvery, it's £4.95 for a small one which is plenty for us. We didn't bother getting Joey his own meal as he wouldn't eat it anyway, instead mummy got him a rather large yorkshire pudding and some roast potato. Joey went into meltdown mode after we'd finished our meal so we swiftly left just as it started raining.
We went for a walk over to the amusement arcades, Joey had yet another meltdown so back in the pram he went and walked into the town centre where he finally went down for a nap. We started to walk back to the car, we picked up a Terrys Chocolate Orange and strawberry ice cream (I know...weird concoction). When we finally got back to the car we were dripping wet.
Once back at home it was chill out time, Joey playing with his toys and his fave new balloon. I made Joey some tea and then it was time to light his birthday cake. After cake it was time to get Joey ready for bed, he finally fell asleep just before 8pm.
I know I keep saying it but i really cant believe that our baby is now two! It really does go so fast. Thank you to anyone that has messaged or commented wishing Joey a happy birthday.

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