Saturday, 11 June 2016

Life update: I need a job

For the last 2 years (apart from the job i had for 5 months) I've been a stay at home mum. The decision for me to stay at home was because we have no family to help with childcare and would have to rely completely on nursery. But I've now come to the realization that we can't afford for me not to work and I've been applying for jobs recently.

When i quit my part-time job as a sales assistant in February, I left with the mindset that i wasn't going to rush into another job unless it was really worth it. I even told myself that I'd be a SAHM until Joey starts school but that might not be for another 2 years and it's not doing any of us anygood being at home. So i have an interview for a full time job in retail on Saturday, a role similar to what I was doing before I went on maternity leave. The problem with having a job in retail though is that it isn't ideal when you have a young family and very little support...unless you have an amazing employer.

The reason I left my previous part time job was because i was having to do 4 hour shifts, earning £35 for those 4 hours and then having to put Joey in nursery for 5 hours at a cost of £40. So i was losing money, it just wasn't worth it unless I had full time hours. Their were other factors that led me to quit but the childcare was the main factor. People might be thinking "Why do you want to go full time when it just means having to put Joey in nursery full time meaning more fees?" Good question, however with the husband working full time and myself working full time it will mean we have more income, if i do get this job then I'll also be getting commission aswell.

Being a SAHM is a hard role, I love spending time with Joey and it's been amazing to grow into the cheeky boy he is now but he needs more. He needs to be with other children learning and developing. Lets be honest, CBeebies doesn't keep Joey occupied for long when mummy has months worth of washing to get through etc. Not only would it be better for Joey to be with other children but I actually really enjoyed being with other adults when i was working for those 5 months. In addition to how it would improve mine and Joey's life, Chris has been trying to support 3 people off his wage so it would take the pressure off him aswell.

I can't stay out of work forever, the longer i do the harder it may be for me to get a good job. Ideally I would have liked to have found a job in customer service, something that is Monday to Friday, 9 till 5. But beggars can't be choosers. I'm sure as Joey gets older juggling family life and work will get easier.

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