Friday, 29 July 2016

What Joey Wore #22

Welcome to this weeks What Joey Wore. That heatwave was a little shortlived wasn't's been raining all day today. Over the past week I've bought a few things from the Zara sale and I'm also waiting on deliveries from Fred & Noah and Caleb & Company.

Outfit 1
Top & Shorts: Zara 
This is an outfit from the Zara sale. The t-shirt was £1.99 and i stupidly ordered two of these in the same size but I love the colour. They only had age 3-4 left so I bought thinking that it will do for next year but it doesn't actually look too big on him. The plant print bermuda shorts were £3.99, I love the print and the colours. I ordered these in 18-24 months and theirs plenty of room in them. 

Outfit 2
Top: Zara | Leggings: Baby Brain Apparel
This is one of my favourite outfits of Joey's, I love the safari theme. I really get scared of putting Joey in white clothes because of stains but I love the animals on it. The Zora the Zebra print leggings are a gorgeous colour and are perfect for cooler days during the summer.

As always we're linking up with This Mama Life and Clearly Bex for Weekend Tot Style.

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Joey's 2 year review

Yesterday we had Joey's 2 year review at our local children's centre. Usually this review would take place between 24 and 27 months old, Joey is 25 months and we asked for his appointment to be brought forward because of a few concerns we have regarding his development. 

Here is a short video explaining the process and the outcome of his review.

I wanted to do a video as I thought it would be easier to explain everthing rather than in a blog post. So we are now starting the process of referring ourselves to speech therapy. The health visitor who conducted his review had initially told us about a drop in group that helps with speech, but then after explaining his fussiness with certain types of food she thought proper speech therapy would be best. She also questioned whether we thought Joey had problems with his hearing and could be why he gets frustrated so much and because of his lack of communication. We've never thought he's had an issue with his hearing, he always turns and looks at us when you call his name. 

Hopefully, we'll be able to get referred soon to speech therapy. And I'm hoping that we'll start to see some improvement. As always I will try and keep you all updated. All kids are different though so I know not to worry too much about the journey ahead.  

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mummy & Little Me Week 7: Toddler Cutlery Tips

Our week 7 guest post for Mummy & Little Me is now live, this week's post is about Toddler Cutlery Tips.

Joey has been using cutlery for a while now, he's pretty confident with using his fork and spoon to eat his meals.

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Week 7: Toddler Cutlery Tips

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Looking for a new car

As a rather keen car lover I would have a new car every year if i could, I'm one of those people that get bored quickly of phones, cars, hair colour...I love change. 

At the moment I have a 2003 Ford Fiesta Zetec, I got it on finance 3 years ago when I had just got my first full time job. I needed a new car at the time because I had a 1 litre Vauxhall Corsa that was falling apart and I needed a really good car for doing motorway driving. My new job was near Manchester, I had to travel 50 miles a day on the M6. I wasn't actively looking for a new car at the time but when i had taken my corsa into my garage to have work done, this blue Ford Fiesta was on the forecourt and it caught my eye. It was blue and the alloys on it were so nice, I'd always wanted a fiesta aswell.
What I want in a new car...
- 5 door car is a must, getting Joey in his car seat is a bit of a faff in a 3 door.
- bigger engine would be nice to, the 1.2 i have at the moment is fine but I'd like it a bit quicker.
- Newer: looking for something around 5 or 6 years old
- Good size boot to get the pram in
- something I'm still going to enjoy driving in 3 years.

Here are the cars I'm really interested in:
1) Skoda Octavia - years ago my grandad had a Skoda Fabia VRS which i very first learnt the basics of driving in. Ever since I've always wanted to have one, the Octavia is a saloon car so its a perfect family car. 
2) Vauxhall Corsa
I've always liked Corsa's, it was my first car and they're pretty popular and can be cheap to run. A few years ago I had a new Corsa as a hire car and I loved driving it and being able to answer my phone via the steering wheel. 

3) Ford Fiesta - I have a Ford Fiesta at the moment and like the newer models. The likes of Corsa's and Fiestas are pretty popular and can be cheaper to run.
4) Nissan Juke - I've never really been a fan of Nissan or ever wanted anything bigger than a hatchback but this car seems to jumping out at me all the time at the moment. They're not a massive 4x4 and look rather sporty which is what I like in a car.
It's really important that I make the right decision this time around when choosing a car. I don't want to buy something that I just like the look of and isn't completely practical. That's why I'm looking into my options quite early but I also don't know whether to buy a car outright or try and get one on finance.

Friday, 22 July 2016

What Joey Wore #21

Welcome back to What Joey Wore, we missed last weeks as we were a bit busy so we are back and just in time for this heatwave we've been having.

Outfit 1
Top, Shorts & Sandals: H&M 
It's been a while since Joey last wore this set, I was starting to think our summer was over. The print on this set is lovely and you mix and match with other bits which is great. He wore this outfit on the hottest day of the year so I didn't manage to get a proper full lengh photo.

Outfit 2
Top, Shorts & Shoes: H&M 
Yesterday was a lot cooler and I had some errands to run at the post office. Like the previous outfit, this hasn't been worn for a while either but I really do love a nautical theme. 

It looks like H&M clothes have proved popular with Joey this week while the weather has been nice. Even today Joey is  head to toe in H&M. As always we're linking up with This Mama Life and Clearly Bex for Weekend Tot Style.
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Until next week

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Why I won't be the next Zoella

The blog will soon reach its two year anniversary in August. I'm so proud of my little space on the internet but I sometimes feel like I'm not progressing. Their are things that I want to be a part of my online presence but I don't have the confidence to do.

Now more than ever YouTube is the biggest thing EVER. We all turn to YouTube whether its for entertainment, tutorials, reviews etc. Every day I watch clips from my favourite vloggers and I want to do the same but their are things holding me back...

1) Appearance - I really do hate seeing myself in video, i just feel awkward and I hate the sound of my own voice. But the main thing i can't compete with from my fave bloggers is my appearance. Nearly every vlog I watch the person is immaculately made up, make up and hair. I only have time to wash, dry and straighten my hair as its so frizzy. Most days my hair is in a messy mum bun.

2) Technology - at the moment I'm really lacking the most basic technology to even  film videos. I don't have a compact or SLR camera, just my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S6. Not only that but my laptop is so old, I really could do with a Macbook.

3) Confidence - the vlogs I watch are always filled with so much confidence, not awkward like me. I know the more videos i record the better i will get at speaking to the camera but I really struggle.

4) Content - Even though I have a few ideas about stuff I'd like to film i feel that things wouldn't be as adventurous as we don't do much. Our life at the moment is pretty dull because we just can't afford to do much.

Hopefully my circumstances might change and I may be able to do some serious tech upgrades and then I can work on the other stuff as I go. I know thay vlogging isn't essential to make yourself a successful blogger but i suppose it adds on a different dimension of sharing your life. So watch this space...i may not become the next Zoella but I'll have a bloody good go!

Any tips you can give me about vlogging would be helpful and I'd also love to hear about your vlogging journeys.

Thanks for reading 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Mummy & Little Me Week 6: My top changing bags

Our Week 6 guest post for Mummy & Little Me is now live. This week I'm sharing with you my favourite changing bags at the moment.

When it comes to handbags I have a bit of an addiction, mainly to designer bags that I can only afford the replicas of. I've recently been coming across some gorgeous leather changing bags that don't even look like baby changing bags. I also feel that now that Joey is a toddler and not a baby, my two Pink Lining bags feel a bit outdated now. I want a more mature handbag that still fits Joey's essentials in.

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Monday, 18 July 2016

Life update: house for sale and job hunting

It's been a few weeks since I last did a life update. Not much has changed, no significant changes at all really but for anyone interested in having a property for sale or searching for a job...

If you follow me on instagram you'll probably find that the past couple of weekends have involved doing work at the other house. It's been on the market for just over a month but the internal pictures only got done about 2 weeks ago. We've had 1 viewer so far who apparently liked the property but had an issue with the steps in the garden. 

So at the moment it's just a waiting game and allows us to smarten the place up. The biggest transformation we've done at the house is the back garden, it's only a very small yard so you have to make use of all the space you have. We chopped down the overgrown hedges and then ripped up the old decorative wooden tiles from the floor.

So the job hunting has been so disappointing! I've applied for quite a lot of jobs, had 3 interviews and both letdowns. It's so frustrating the amount of jobs I've applied for and not heard anything back. I don't think my qualifications are a problem as I have a degree and 6 years sales experience. I'm so anxious to get a job soon as Joey really needs to go back to nursery, i worry that his development maybe suffering because of it.

So that's what's happening in life recently. We've been so busy with the house that blogging has taken a bit of a backseat recently.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Mummy & Little Me Week 5: Weaning Tips

Hello lovelies,
My new guest post for Mummy & Little Me is now live. This week I share some weaning tips with you and helpful weaning products to make this stage in your baby's life that bit easier.

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Do you have some helpful weaning tips?

Monday, 11 July 2016

Joey's 2 year update

I can't believe I have a 2 year old! On 19th June Joey had his 2nd birthday. Here's how he's getting on. 
Weight: 28lb 6oz

Since Joey's last update at 21 months we haven't had many concerns. I had been meaning to take him to the health visitor to get weighed as we hadn't been since December. I took him to the health visitor the week after his birthday and his weight was fine, he's put on 8lb 6oz since Decemeber and is between the 50th and 75th percintile. While at the hv i told them about his lack of speech but they didn't seem too worried and said that he would have his 2 year review soon. I also brought up his tantrums and she just said it was the terrible twos and advised me to just say no to him and ignore his bad behaviour.
Crawling - Something very strange has started happening recently, he's actually started to crawl properly on his knees. When he started crawling about a year ago it was just a weird body/bum shuffle. But he scoots around on all fours now.

Babbling - Joey might not be saying proper words yet but he's forever having a good old babble to himself. He can say mamma, dadda and babba. He seems to be saying Dadda a lot more recently, usually at the top of his voice. 

Tantrums - his tantrums have been on the increase recently. Literally anything can set him off, even if we look at him. I'm pretty convinced that it is just the terrible two's, our health visitor told me it was normal but Chris is thinking theirs more to it. So we've asked for his 2 year review to be brought forward.

Food - he's still his picky self. Sometimes he just isn't in the mood for food. I'm having to cook a lot more meals that i know Joey will eat as I'm just getting sick of wasting food. I'm starting to get the feeling that he doesn't like meat so much as when you offer him a piece of cooked chicken without any breaded coating he turns his nose up at it. But then he'll eat breaded turkey or chicken. Milk wise he mainly just has 2 bottles a day, sometimes 3 but he doesn't really need the milk anymore.

Sleep - his sleeping has been so good at the moment (bet I've jinxed it now). We do have nights where it's difficult to get him down and it's nearly 9pm before he's asleep. But he's been sleeping in until 8am some mornings which is fab! We're down to 1 nap during the day which is usually just after 11am but sometimes he'll resist it until like 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I've found that if for some reason he does have 2 naps during the day then it's impossible to get him to sleep at night.

So that's it for Joey's 2 year update. I will update you all on Joey's 2 year review with the health visitor in a few weeks time.

Thanks for reading

Friday, 8 July 2016

What Joey Wore #20

Welcome back to another What Joey Wore post, we had to miss last weeks as we've been busy sorting our other house out.

Outfit 1 
T-shirt & shorts set: Matalan | Shoes: H&M 
This outfit was a birthday gift from my godmother. As soon as we had a sunny day this week i got it on him. It is a bit big on him at the moment but still looks ok. I'll probably be able to mix and match this set with stuff he has in his wardrobe already which is great.

Outfit 2
Romper: Max & The Star | Bib: Cotton Bobbin Company 
We've been having a lot of rainy days recently and I think rompers are great in this kind of weather. This romper is getting a bit too small for Joey now so I'm trying to get him to wear it as much as possible before it goes on ebay.

As always we're linking up with This Mama Life and Clearly Bex for Weekend Tot Style. Also linking up with Make Do and Push for Funky Kid Friday.
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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mummy & Little Me Week 4: Eating out with a toddler

Hello lovelies,

It's that time of the week again with my guest post over at Mummy & Little Me.
This week's post is all about eating out with a toddler. Some tips on how to have a meal out as a family successfully.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How to take flatlay photos

Over the past year I have tried to up my game when it comes to taking pictures for the blog, especially Joey's Weekend Tot Style posts. For ages I'd seen people taking flatlay images of their childs outfit so I decided to do it.
August 2015 flatlay
My very early flatlays are pretty bad but I've got into a good routine of how to get a great flatlay photo. Their isn't a load of rocket science involved when it comes to taking clear photos. It's just about being more creative  with your photography skills.
April 2016 flatlay
Here are my tips:
Lighting - it might seem a bit obvious but lighting is the key to getting a really clear image. So you ideally need to take your photos in which ever room gets the best light, for me it's Joey's bedroom which is at the front of the house where the sun rises. Open the blinds and the curtains to allow as much natural light to flood the room as possible.

Background - in most cases you'll want to arrange your outfit on a floor, that way you can take your photo right about your flatlay. Their are no rules when it comes to your background you can just have your  carpet or wooden floor as the background. Some people like to just have a plain background so will put a sheet down on the floor. Over the past few months I've been using wallpaper as my background, I went into Wilkinsons one day and tore a bit off of one of the sample rolls.
Brightness editing - If after you've taken your pictures the images aren't as bright as you would like then you can always adjust the brightness of the photo. I've been doing this a lot recently and it does make the image look a lot better.

Cropping - if you're a blogger and are wanting to take flatlays for your blog then it's important to have clean and tidy images.

Props - adding nice little props can really make your flatlay standout.  I use a wooden J in some of his flatlays, it just adds a more personal touch.

I hope you've found these tips useful. Let me know if you've got any other tips for flatlays.