Thursday, 21 July 2016

Why I won't be the next Zoella

The blog will soon reach its two year anniversary in August. I'm so proud of my little space on the internet but I sometimes feel like I'm not progressing. Their are things that I want to be a part of my online presence but I don't have the confidence to do.

Now more than ever YouTube is the biggest thing EVER. We all turn to YouTube whether its for entertainment, tutorials, reviews etc. Every day I watch clips from my favourite vloggers and I want to do the same but their are things holding me back...

1) Appearance - I really do hate seeing myself in video, i just feel awkward and I hate the sound of my own voice. But the main thing i can't compete with from my fave bloggers is my appearance. Nearly every vlog I watch the person is immaculately made up, make up and hair. I only have time to wash, dry and straighten my hair as its so frizzy. Most days my hair is in a messy mum bun.

2) Technology - at the moment I'm really lacking the most basic technology to even  film videos. I don't have a compact or SLR camera, just my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S6. Not only that but my laptop is so old, I really could do with a Macbook.

3) Confidence - the vlogs I watch are always filled with so much confidence, not awkward like me. I know the more videos i record the better i will get at speaking to the camera but I really struggle.

4) Content - Even though I have a few ideas about stuff I'd like to film i feel that things wouldn't be as adventurous as we don't do much. Our life at the moment is pretty dull because we just can't afford to do much.

Hopefully my circumstances might change and I may be able to do some serious tech upgrades and then I can work on the other stuff as I go. I know thay vlogging isn't essential to make yourself a successful blogger but i suppose it adds on a different dimension of sharing your life. So watch this space...i may not become the next Zoella but I'll have a bloody good go!

Any tips you can give me about vlogging would be helpful and I'd also love to hear about your vlogging journeys.

Thanks for reading 

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